V-User is a windows-based software robot that can learns software tasks from you
and replays or repeats the tasks on your behalf (in your place) and thus is simulates and automate your computer task.

All Computer Tasks Automator
Virtual User Software
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vuser recorder - first stepvuser recorder - home bankvuser recorder - last record stepvuser recorder - record step 3vuser recorder - record step 2vuser recorder - vum file redvuser recorder - arrow rightvuser recorder - appending button imagevuser recorder - appending mousevuser recorder - arrow left 1
National Bank
vuser recorder - bank mousevuser recorder - arrow left 3


vuser recorder - expense mouse
Your actions are recorded
vuser recorder - arrow left 2


vuser recorder - mouse 30000
A window from an accounting software
vUser Recorder   (from vUser software)
vuser recorder - hand off
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vUser   (with vUser Recorder) can learn and record
the actions you do.
Learns from you
vuser player - home bank 1
The accounting software window
National Bank
vuser player - bank mouse 1


vuser player - first mouse 30000


vuser player - expense mouse 1vuser player - appending button image 1vuser player - appending mouse 1vuser player - home bank 2
National Bank
vuser player - bank mouse 2


vuser player - second mouse 30000


vuser player - expense mouse 2vuser player - appending button image 2vuser player - appending mouse 2vuser player - home bank 3
National Bank
vuser player - bank mouse 3


vuser player - third mouse 30000


vuser player - expense mouse 3vuser player - appending button image 3vuser player - appending mouse 3vuser player - arrow right 1vuser player - arrow right 3
Runs automatically
and robotically
vuser player - arrow right
vUser Player  (from vUser software)
vuser player - first play stepvuser player - arrow leftvuser player - green vum file
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After learning and recording, vUser (with vUser Player) can repeat your
actions with its own mouse and keyboard.
Repeats on your behalf
vuser player - play step 2vuser player - play step 3vuser player - play step 4vuser player - play step 5vuser player - hand off
vuser editor logovuser editor - copying and removing filesvuser editor - checking windows versionvuser editor - opening and printing filesvuser editor - smartly detecting target windowvuser editor - using of various kinds of variablesvuser editor - detecting windows opening/closingvuser editor - find correct click spotsvuser editor - check controls status
Not Just Limited to Repetition
Virtual User software is not just limited to learning and replaying
tasks, but it has many more options for automation different
tasks (in the Editor program).
General Features of 3 Programs of Virtual User Software

General Features of 3 Programs of Virtual User Software

portable and could run anywhere with a double-click

  • The Virtual User software has an advanced programming which is so-called Windows API; Software programmed in such technology needs no library (DLL File) or any other side files to run
    As seen in Virtual User software, each of the three .exe files of the software is an Independent program that with no installation could be run with a simple double-click in any folder.
    Another advantage of API based programming is, the software that is developed in such a way would be very low-sized, light and quick. The programs of the Virtual User software are no exception and take about 1 megabytes of space with the least system resource usage and works in a very optimal speed

The V-User recorder quickly records the commands.

V-User Recorder

After pressing the “record” button all your movements are intelligently captured and after pressing the "Stop" button, the recorded commands can be saved (in a file)

The V-User Editor edits the recorded commands.

V-User Editor

The editor’s environment is completely graphical, and works are often done with a few simple clicks and drag & drop.

The V-User player runs the commands.

V-User Player

The V-[User Player intelligently executes the recorded and saved commands.


English User interface and comprehensive guide


The V-User Recorder is totally free and it is possible to purchase the V-User Player and V-User Editor separately so that there is no need for an additional cost to be paid for the systems that do not need V-User Editor. This could be very cost saving if you are willing to use the V-User software in more than one system.

  • The V-User Recorder is so smart that only needs one click to go on the recording mode to learn everything you do on a system and present to you as a Macro file.
  • The V-User Player, due to its high artificial intelligence by getting the macro file containing the learned commands of the V-User recorder, amazingly repeats everything you have done.

In two parts of the V-User Player and V-User Recorder features, more is paid to the abilities of these two smart programs.

Benefits of Using vUser in Companies

An interesting point: Most of our clients are successful companies that do not have a problem with their software and seek out the following benefits. . .
Making Personnel's Tasks Lighter with vUser Software

Using robots instead of human workforce

Making Personnel's Tasks Lighter

vUser can help operators in doing repetitive and time-taking tasks
Securing The Company's Confidential Information with vUser Software

Regulatory compliance by robots

Securing Confidential Information

vUser is able to work with information by itself without anyone's presence
No More Human Mistakes with vUser Software

Avoiding human errors by performing the work by robots

No More Human Mistakes

vUser is a robot and does not make mistakes or errors like humans
Speed-up The Tasks and Increase the Efficiency with vUser Software

Accelerating the tasks by robots

Speed-up Tasks and Increase Efficiency

vUser can work in an incredible speed day and night


vUser Editor main window while editing a macro

vUser Editor

vUser Editor main window while editing a macro

vUser Editor while editing an action and using the variables

vUser Editor

Screenshot on vUser Editor while editing an action and using the variables

vUser Editor while editing an action and setting run result

vUser Editor

Screenshot on vUser Editor while editing an action and setting run result

vUser Recorder

vUser Recorder

vUser Recorder Main window and the window that appears when the Record button is clicked

vUser Player

vUser Player

vUser Player main window and the window that appears when Play button is clicked

Download and Support

Download vUser and Try it for Free

Download vUser and Try it for Free

vUser Software:
is portable and there is no need for installation
is completely safe and has no connections to the Internet
is free from any kinds of virus or malware
is compatible with the following Windows versions
XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Server 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016
vUser Software Support

If You Have Any Questions, Share Them with Us

If you have automation tasks which would benefit you but you think...
Since you do not have much repetition, Then it is not automatable
Since every time, there comes new kind of data; It cannot be automated
Automation and optimization is time-taking and you have no time for it
Consult with our expert team, We have experience in solving many problems and ready for any kind of cooperation
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