You can use this action if you want to bypass security codes using the 2Captcha API. This action can save the result to a text variable.


Description of the parameters:

number 1(Captcha Type (Simple: At the moment, you can only use this action to solve simple captchas (those that don’t require a special calculation and are just a picture of some numbers.

number 2Token: A Unique ID that the 2Captcha website assigns to you when creating your account. You can insert the ID directly or use the % sign to use the variable that holds its value.

number 3Element: The picture on the website that contains the code. Note that the element that you select should start with IMG. You can use the % sign to select the variable you want.

number 4Text Variable: The variable that the result of the captcha will be saved to. You can use the% sign to select the variable you want.

number 5Browser ID: The Id if the browser the with which the action wants to communicate.