This action can search a Text Variable and replace the character you choose, with the character you specify. You can change the parameters of this action to get the result that you want. If you just want to use the search part of this action, once the action finds the text or character that you’ve specified, the result of the action will be a success, and you can use it to run the next step.

Find and Replace Text

Description of the parameters:

number 1Text Variable: The Text variable that you want to use.

number 2Text to Find: The Text or Character that you want to find. If you leave this field empty, you can check if the Text Variable has any value.

number 3 Case Sensitive: If you select this option, the search will be sensitive to Upper/Lower cases.

number 4Left to Right: The search will start from the leftmost character

number 5Right to Left: The search will start from the rightmost character

number 6Pass If Text Found in: If the text you’re looking for is found in the position you specify, the action will succeed. You can set this parameter to one of the following options:

  • Anywhere
  • First Character
  • First Character Add: (from the first character plus the number you specify)
  • Last Character: Only if text is found at the end point of the variable.
  • Last Character Sub: (from the last character minus the number you specify)
  • Exact Match

 number 7 Replace: The new text that is going to replace the old one.

 number 8Replace With: The new text that is going to replace the old one.

 number 9Replace All: By selecting this option, any occurrences of the old text will be replaced with the new one.

 number 10Replace Once: By selecting this option, only the first occurrence of the old text will be replaced with the new one.

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