This action can check the controls (different components of a window). These states include Checked, Visibility, whether the Control is Enabled or not, and whether the Control is Focused or not. Also, this action can wait for Control to reach the specified state.

Description of the parameters:

number 1Status to Check: The different states of a Control can be selected here.

  • Focused
  • UnFocused
  • Checked
  • UnChecked
  • Enabled
  • Disabled
  • Grayed

number 2Target Control: The Control that you want to check its state. You can use the percent (%) button to specify this window.

number 3Check Repeatedly (In Infinite Time) Until The Status Is Set: If you select this option, the Macro will continue to check until the Control reaches the selected state.

number 4Check for Seconds: By selecting this option, the Macro is going to check only for the specified time.

number 5Check Just One Time: If this option is selected, the Macro will check the state of the Control only once.

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