You can use this action to open or create an Excel Sheet in a file that you’ve opened or created.

Open / Create Sheet

Description of the parameters:

number 1 ID Of Excel Window: The Id of the Excel file that you’ve opened or created in which want to create or open a sheet.

number 2 Sheet Name: By selecting this option, you can open or create a Sheet with its name. You can insert the name of the sheet in field that’s below this option or use the % sign to insert the variables you want.

number 3 Sheet Index: If instead of using the Sheet Name, you want to open it with its position, you can use this parameter. You can insert a number or use the % sign and insert a numeric variable.

number 4 Create Sheet If Does Not Exist: By selecting this option, if the Macro can not find the sheet, it will create one with the specified name.

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