As an example, let’s assume you have saved a Mouse Action, that clicks on the “Ok” button of a Login Window; when the macro reaches this action, what happens if the Login window hasn’t been opened yet? Naturally, the Player will not find the button and shows an error. To address this situation, you can insert a “Delay,” but in different circumstances (like, for example, when your systems become slow), you might need to set various delays. The Virtual User Software has the ability to wait for a specific window to open, and then run the next commands. So the Player can wait for the Login window to open and then click on the Ok button.

Therefore, when you are recording the actions that are performed on new windows, you need to check that this option is selected. If this is the case, each time you open a new window or application, a “Wait for Window to Open” action will be saved automatically.

automatic recording of the wait for window to open

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