If you use the name of a text variable in a parameter when the macro executes, its value will take its place; as you see in the following image, the name of the text variable is “SoftName,” and its value or text is “MedCalc”.

Text Variables in the Editor Application

You can use this variable in a parameter that accepts text. As an example, if you use in the Title parameter of the Message Box action, you need to specify the name of the variable, which is “SoftName.” When you play the macro, the value will take its place, and you’ll have the following result in your message box:

Text Variables in the Editor Application

Text variables have lots of use cases. You can, for example, get the title of the window or contents of a text box and save it somewhere else. Or you can save the location of a specific file and then use it to save some other files. To change the name of a text variable, you can double-click on it, or you can right-click on it and select Rename.

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