settings button in the editor application

By clicking on this button, the following window will open:

settings button in the editor application

number 1 Ignore all actions delay while playing : If this option is enabled, each of the actions will be executed without any delay.

 number 2 Show frame around target controls while playing : If this option is selected, while the Macro is running, a green frame will be shown around the active windows.

number 3 Silent Terminate : If this option is selected, when the Macro reaches the end of its actions, no message box will be shown.

number 4 Stay playing window on top of other windows

 number 5 Enable click and type sound : If this option is selected, a sound will be played while running mouse and keyboard commands.

 number 6 User real cursor for click and type : If the actual mouse and keyboard cursor of your system are used, the speed of mouse and keyboard actions will be much more than when the vUser cursors are used.

 number 7 Use vUser cursor for click and type

number 8 Active password : If this option is enabled and a password is set, the only way to view the actions of the Macro is to enter that password; this option does not affect running the Macro; the only difference is that in the reports, the name of the commands will not be shown.

This option is useful for situations in which you want to let someone else use the Macro, but not be able to change its actions.

number 9 Current password : If the Macro has a password and you want to change it, you need to enter the current password in this box.

number 10 New password : The new password that you want to use.

 number 11 Repeat new password :

number 12 Time Lock: Inactive the Macro after : By specifying a period, the Macro will only work up to that time, and after that, it will be deactivated and can no longer be used. Using this option, you can rent your Macros.

number 13 …Time Lock Key : By clicking on this option, a window will open, and you can enter a security key for the time lock.

number 14 Time Lock Massage : The message that will be shown to the user once the Macro’s time has expired. This message can have five lines. You can leave each of them empty if you want.

number 15 Version : You can use this section to specify a version number for your Macro. This number will be displayed in the Player application

number 16 Auto save log file : If this option is selected, the report of the Player application will be saved in a text file and at the same location as the Macro.

number 17Only save comments: If this option is selected, only the comments will be saved to the log file.

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