Window & Control Variables in the Editor Application

While working with a specific part of an application or software, like performing a mouse command on the OK button of accounting software, first you need to specify the information about that software; this information includes the name, the process (the executable file), window and other application-specific data. This is needed so that the click is performed on the right place. We usually use the Recorder application to retrieve the Window & Control data, but if you want, you can use the insert option to enter this information.

Window & Control Variables in the Editor Application

To see the information that has been extracted from the windows and processes and controls, you can right-click on the specific item and select “Edit.” A window will open, and you can see all the details that have been saved. Also, you can right-click on each of the variables and Rename them.

In summary, this information is saved so that the Player can find the right target for the mouse and keyboard actions.

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