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Commenter Robot changelog

Currently Active and successfully tested on2021/09/06

nothing matter

13 april


Version 1.4

Bug Fixes

link extractor bot" accordance with new Google updates.

nothing matter

24 October


Version 1.3

Bug Fixes

Added the HTTP to the beginning of the links that are saved without a transfer protocol

Making the Bot compatible with the version of the Player application

Making the Commenter Bot compatible with most of the websites

nothing matter

30 September


Version 1.2

New Features

Added the “How to acquire a Token from 2Captcha website” video Tutorial

Added the http to the links that don’t have it for the “Extract Contact Us Page Links” Bot

Bug Fixes

Improving and increasing the speed of the “Extract Contact Up Page Links” Bot

Updating the Player application to the 8.2 Version

nothing matter

10 July


Version 1


The First Published Version of the Bot

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