How does Instagram Robot Increase the Number of your Followers

Our Robots take your place in Instagram actions and likes, follows, and comments, exactly the same way as you would do, and therefore, no one can recognize that it is the Robot and not you who’s performing them! Therefore, your interaction with other accounts will increase, and as you know, since the Instagram is a two-way street, if you (yourself or the Robot that is acting as you) pay attention to others, they will pay attention to you too!

Consider the following scenarios:

1. The Robot sends a Follow Request to someone. To respond to that request, the person will first visit your page. This means that with each request, your page might be visited, and if it’s interesting to the visitor, they might follow you, and therefore the number of your followers will increase.

2. The Robot likes the comments that have been posted by others. Most people will enjoy this and will try to interact more.

3. You order the Robot to find people who are interested in your target field (like the accounts that are in your competitor’s page), and then follow them, like their posts, and comment on their pages. Since these people are interested in the field that you want, there is a higher chance that they like your page and start following it.

By reading these simple examples, you probably now know how the Robot attracts accounts to your page, and you probably know that this is just a part of the process. The other part depends on the page itself. If your page is interesting and attractive, and if they like the look and feel of your posts, they will follow you. Otherwise, the actions of the Robot will not lead to effective results.

In summary, our Instagram Robot ( Virtual User Instagram Robot ) can perform your actions for you, 24 hours a day, and with precision, and it achieves more effective feedbacks.

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