Version 2.9 (2020/05/12)

New Features

Added the ability to forward messages in the Send Bulk Messages into the Groups Macro

Added the Line Check Macro, that checks if any of the lines has been reported

In both versions of the Send Messages to IDs, and the second versions of the Send Bulk Messages to Anonymous Numbers Macros, the messages will not be sent to the Done (successful) Ids or numbers in consecutive runs

Bug Fixes & Improvements

Fixing the issue with short names in the Distinguish Telegram & Non Telegram Users Macro

Fixing the halt problem of the Send & Forward Messages to IDs Macro

Fixing the issue with the Send & Forward Messages to IDs Macro when the Saved Message was itself forwarded.

Fixing the issue with changing the lines in the Send Bulk Messages to Anonymous Numbers Macro

Extract Group Members' Info: Deleted Accounts will be ignored in macro termination Checks

نسخه 2.8 (2020/04/22)

New Features

Macros that forward the Last Message have been redesigned, and now have the ability to report the success or failure of the sent messages (we recommend you use the new Excel files)

The Add To Group-Channel Macro, now has the ability to add multiple users in one go, and therefore its speed increased.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

Lots of improvements and bug fixes in various Macros

Version 2.7 (2020/04/04)

Bug Fixes & Improvements

Fixing a bug in Delete All Telegram Contacts Macro

Redesigning the Add to Group-Channel Macro

Removing excess delays in the First Version - Forward Message Macro

Adding termination criteria for the Extract Group Member's Info Macro

Fixing an issue with the address texts in the Second Version of Sending Bulk Messages To Anonymous Numbers Macro

Version 2.6 (2020/02/23)

New Features

Adding the new version of the "Send Bulk Messages into the Groups" Macro, with the ability to join the groups

Bug Fixes & Improvements

Increasing the speed of "Extracting Group Members' IDs" Macro"

Overall change of the Macros to make them compatible with international phone numbers

Improving and adapting some of the Macros with the new versions of the Telegram that have Archived Chats section