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The Follow Instagram Suggestions Bot is one of the bots available in the Increase Instagram Followers Bot package which is a product of the Virtual-User website, and as you may have guessed, it is a robotic software that can automatically follow the IDs that are suggested to you by Instagram.

In the following, we will review the benefits of the “Follow Instagram Suggestions” bot and describe how this bot works. Follow us in this article ...

What is the use of “Follow Instagram Suggestions” Bot?

Instagram usually suggests the pages to you to follow which you have a lot in common with; For example, you both are active in a specific field of business, share interests, or have the same people on your following list. Following the suggested people by Instagram would cause you to attract their attention to your page, and if you offer quality content, a variety of products and services, with good reasonable price, there is a high possibility that a percentage of these people will decide to follow you, you only need to make your page more visible to more people.

Having said that, before trying to follow different pages on Instagram, you should not ignore the hourly restrictions that Instagram imposes on this issue. For example, newly established pages less than 6 months old with low amount of interaction are allowed to follow only a maximum of 20 people per hour. This limit is about 60 people per hour for a page with more lifetime and interaction. Ignoring these restrictions will cause problems for your page (such as being action blocked or disabled).

Instagram has ruled out some restrictions on the number of people that you can follow per hour. These restrictions are fully listed in a tutorial file inside the “Increase Instagram Followers” Bot package, and also in this package, we have provided features for you to be able to control these restrictions automatically.

Manually following people who are present in the Instagram suggestions list, and at the same time observing Instagram hourly restrictions, is such a difficult and time-consuming task. As a result, the “Follow Instagram Suggestions” bot can be a useful tool for you because it does the job automatically and at the end, it offers a report of the list of people that it has followed.

How the “Follow Instagram Suggestions” Bot Works

In this section, we are not going to teach you how to set and use the bot, but we just want to show you how the bot works when it is run.

However, the process of setting up the bot is very simple and does not require much explanation. Instruction on how to install and use the software is also included in the package, both as PDF and video, which you can refer to.

To launch this bot, you just need to open the folder related to the “Follow Instagram Suggestions” bot and in the settings Excel file of this bot, specify the number of people you want to follow among the Instagram suggestions. Then, you will no longer need to do anything else because the bot will do the rest automatically!

The bot launches your browser, enters into your account on the Instagram web page, finds the ‘Instagram Suggestions’ section, starts from the first ID in the list, and follows that page. The bot then goes to the second page and presses the follow button, and repeats the same action as many times as you want; Meaning that, it follows the various IDs that exist in the list of Instagram Suggestions (as many IDs as you want and with respect to the hourly limits of Instagram).

How can I get the “Follow Instagram Suggestions” bot?

The “Follow Instagram Suggestions” bot, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article, is part of the “Increase Instagram Followers” bot package, and to prepare it, you must purchase the whole package.

This package also includes other useful bots you can to have a more targeted business and advertising activities on Instagram.

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