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Instagram robot
Increase Instagram followers
Real Instagram followers

Increase Instagram Followers with Instagram Robot

Quite Purposeful and Real

our instagram's robot

How it increases the followers?

See our brochure
Brochure Introducing Virtual User Instagram Robot
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Instagram has limited the performance of Bots recently, But...

Our Bot is undetectable

Our Bot, is the only Instagram Bot that has a human-like performance, and can open pages exactly like you and like and comment; It can even scroll your timeline and like others instead of you!

Watch our robot human performance

We Have Prepared A Complete Package

In addition to the Bot...

  • provided numerous tutorials along with the package
  • Complementary tools and gifts are included in the packages
  • And provided a team for your guidance and support

You can now make a full package of Increase Instagram Followers at just 25 EURO

In general, there are 2 types of Instagram robots

Each of the two types of robots has a roughly similar function; but to choose, you need to know...

Windows-Based Instagram Robot

Windows-Based Instagram Robot

Includes our “Increase Instagram Followers” package

  • It is permanent and does not require a monthly charge / has no account or page restrictions
  • For activity, the system needs to be turned on and stay connected to the Internet

If you are willing to buy and use the windows-based robot and the “Increase Instagram Followers”package please contiue reading this article

Web-Based Instagram Robot

Web-Based Instagram Robot

Called Instagram Panel

  • For each Instagram account or page, it requires a monthly fee / charge
  • You do not need a system or internet to make it run

If you are willing to buy and use the Instagram panel
Please refer to our partner’s website (

Permanent and unlimited Instagram Robot

No Monthly Charge and Permanent

You can use the “Increase Instagram Followers” package forever with only one time purchase


Screenshots On “Increase Instagram Followers” package

Advertising in Instagram
Real Increase Instagram Followers
Real Increase Instagram Followers
The best Instagram Robot
Trial Version (free)

Provide a trial version of an application; before purchasing the software,
is like trying a cloth on before buying it
and it is a from of respect to the customers’ rights.



  • This Robot only works on MS Windows operating systems
    and to run
    It needs to following software to be already installed on your system
  • MS Excel 2007 or later (Registered)
  • Google Chrome Explorer (latest version)
    download 32bit | download 64bit
Intagram Package Training Videos

Includes a complete package of various video tutorials

In-pack video tutorials are not limited to training how to use the robot...

لیست فیلم های آموزشی داخل بسته
  1. آموزش استفاده از بسته افزایش فالوور اینستاگرام
  2. آموزش ساختن حساب ایمیل در سایت گوگل (جیمیل) تماشا در آپارات
  3. آموزش ورود به حساب جیمیل و چک کردن ایمیل تماشا در آپارات
  4. آموزش تنظیم شهر، استان یا منطقه جغرافیی خاص برای ربات
  5. فارسی کردن زبان اینستاگرام تماشا در آپارات
  6. تبدیل کردن پیج شخصی اینستاگرام به حالت بیزینس تماشا در آپارات
  7. مزیت های تبدیل کردن پیج شخصی اینستاگرام به حالت بیزینس تماشا در آپارات
  8. آموزش هشتگ گذاری حرفه ای (فقط داخل بسته)

Some of The Important Features of The Instagram Robot

  • 1 Get followers by following specific hashtags
    • + Generate similar hashtags and related to your desired topic
  • 2 Get followers from around the place you live and work
  • 3 Like and comment on posts that appear on your timeline The benefit of this interesting feature
  • 4 Get active and real followers (potential customers) with a very effective method Explainer
  • 5 Automatic Unfollow
    • + Able not to unfollow friends or active users while automatic unfollow
  • 6 Has a variety of filtering Details
  • 7 Permanent use with just one-time purchase
  • 8 Simultaneous use of multiple Instagram accounts on a single computer
    • + Able to set up a proxy to remove Instagram restrictions on multiple uses of the robot

Just for short content
we listed some of the important features .
If you want to see the complete list of features, click the below link

The complete list of features

Like and Comment on the posts on your own timeline

Since in the early stages of using the Bot, your followings count gets super high and liking their posts manually (done by you) is almost impossible, an option is designed in the Bot to automatically like those posts appear on your timeline so that your followings think that you are paying attention to them and you love what they do.

As we said earlier, Instagram is a two-way street; if you pay attention to others, they will return the favor.

Get active and real followers (potential customers) with a very effective method

The best way to find audience interested in a topic, is to find thoses who like and comment on the related topics and posts! For example, if you are selling jewelries for men, to find a potiential customer you need to look for the likers and commenters of the posts related to jewelries not the owers of such pages or IDs whom maybe a seller themselves.

Our Bot can find the commenters and likers of others’ posts and send a follow request; and attract their attention by liking and commenting for them.

Types of Filteration
  • Ignoring the pages (IDs) having less or more than a specific amount of follower or following
  • Ignoring the pages (IDs) having less or more than a specific amount of posts.
  • Ignoring the posts having less or more than a specific amount of comments or likes.
The best Instagram Robot for Computer

Simultaneous use of multiple Instagram accounts

You can copy multiple folders from the robot folder and set up and run multiple accounts simultaneously.

You got our support until making money

Having just an Instagram robot, can not
guarantee making money

Supporting Increase Instagram Followers package

Adjustments and directing the robot properly
Professional posts and stories
and other important tricks that can get your page make money
can often be more important that buying an Instagram Robot

Ask our customers about the quality of our support

Some of our customers
Capture Follower with Instagram Robot
Capture Follower with Instagram Robot
Capture follower
Capture Follower
Increase follower
Capture Instagram Follower
Capture Instagram Follower
Capture Real Instagram Follower with Instagram Robot
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Instagram robot Settings and direction

Easy to configure and direct

In order to direct the Robot, you just have to type your desired configs on the setting file

Your Information Security Guaranteed

For the companies and organizations that care a lot about their information security, we guarantee that the Virtual User software does not transfer any kinds of information through the Internet because it work totally offline. We have provided this guarantee on a legally binding contract in corporate letterheads and signature, and sent to some of the requesting companies.

Increase Instagram Follower with Instagram Robot

Undetectable as a Robot

The only Instagram robot that has a very similar performance to humans, even when scrolling pages!


Purchase “Increase Instagram Followers” package

Advertising in Instagram Package

Increase Instagram Followers
Includes 1 permanent Serial Number for vUser software.
View important tips about the Serial Nmber click here

Special Price - Only

20% تخفیف نوروزی
قیمت: 199,000 تومان

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All items will be emailed to you instantly after the purchase.

Tips on Virtual User software serial numbers
1 Each serial number is generated based on the computer information (with the hardware of that system), as a result one can not use a serial number on multiple different computers; It is also not possible to cancel or move a serial number from one system to another.
2 The serial numbers you buy (for the current version) are permanent and will never expire but the updates of the Virtual User software will only be available for free for 6 months. So, if later in future (after 6 months) you desire to use the newer versions of the Virtual User software, you may need a new serial number.
3 As you may have noticed after watching the introduction video on the Virtual User programs and files, two out of the three main programs of the vUser software require a serial number. One is the vUser Player which is used for playing the saved commands and the other one is the vUser Editor which is used for editing the saved commands. Therefore you need to bare in mind that each serial number you buy, will activate only one program; meaning, with one serial number you can activate whether the vUser player or the vUser editor program. So, if you have in mind to fully purchase the Virtual User software, you need to buy two serial numbers و and if you are going to just run a ready-made macro package, purchasing one serial number for the vUser player would suffice.
Web based Instagram Robot Panel

Web-Based Panel for Instagram Robot
Monthly credit for using web-based Instagram panel
More Info


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chat with us on the telegram to receive more information from the panel. @vOperator

The Purchase Instagram Robot gift is Increase Real Instagram Follower
Special gift for the buyers of this package
1.98 EURO discount in purchasing other products

We have developed a mechanism for selling packages of Virtual User software so that with one serial number, you can use all our products (on a single computer), meaning, after purchasing the “Advertising in Telegram” package which includes one serial number, if you buy another package (like “Increase Instagram Followers” package) and run it on the same computer you will not need a new serial number and for the further purchases you can buy with 1.98 EURO discount!


Other Advertising and Promotional Tools

Frequently Asked Questions

It is possible that Instagram blocks my page due to using your Robot?


Just follow one rule; Do not exceed 1000 likes per day, other Instagram rules have been resolved by delaying the between various activities.


The robot can do a variety of activities for you throughout the day and take a lot of people to your page But these people will be attracted to your page once you have a valuable content on your page to present; For example, various attractive posts, special discounts that can only be achievable through your page, and so on.


We can help you with Increase Instagram followers! And give advice

In addition to providing Instagram robots, we can also provide other ways to increase your pageview. Contact us to find out more about other promotional items.

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