To get support, share your questions or problems with us through chat (using Telegram app) ; Then we will provide you the necessary guidance after consideration
Our ID on Telegram App: @vuser_support    Our Number on Telegram App: 09028176192
It should be noted that in order to use the Telegram app, it is not necessary for you to have it installed on in your phone or system, Telegram also has a web-based version which is available on

An important point about support

Our support is limited only to the capabilities and features of the Virtual User software, and support for issues outside of this framework is truely beyond our control. Also the point we mentioned on the Virtual User software limitations before the purchase, is out of our responsiblities; Please do not ask for support on that topic.

Many of your questions may already have been answered in the vUser Software Comprehensive Guide or on Educational Videos, so we recommend looking at them before you ask a new question (you may get a more effective result in less time).