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शोमल विश्वविद्यालय में RPA का कार्यान्वयन


Today, all the well known educational institutes of the country are using online and integrated systems to manage their operations. These new systems have a lot of advantages, but they also have their own shortcomings.

The way these systems are used in universities is usually the same. When a new semester begins, the personnel need to spend weeks preparing a complete list of all the classes so that the students can choose the ones they want. This is just the beginning. Once they are sure that the list is complete, they need to insert the data they’ve acquired into the educational management systems.

The information that needs to be retrieved from papers or excel files and inserted into the management systems includes the name of the instructor, name of the course, time of the classes, exam dates, and …. Consider the amount of work that needs to be done for a thousand students and 50 instructors. There will be a huge workload for the personnel, and updating the university website will take a long time. On the other hand, this is just a repetitive process and requires no decision making about the data.

इसका समाधान क्या है?

RPA विशेषज्ञों की Behsazan Majazi की टीमRPA रोबोट्स and automate the process of retrieving the information from the excel files for the Sama University Management application (which is used in more than half of the universities of the country), and this process is performed in less and a few minutes. The process of inserting the retrieved information is also automated. All of these processes now take less than an hour, and the personnel will not need to spend days and weeks on these repetitive and error-prone tasks.

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