Telegram Virtual Number (tdata)

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 Telegram Virtual Number (tdata)

As you know, virtual numbers for Telegram is in fact, the number of a SIM card using which you can create a Telegram account.

We can provide you with as many Telegram virtual numbers as you need.

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Each virtual number costs 0.52
 Telegram Virtual Number (tdata) baner

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Fair Price Fair Price Buy virtual numbers for the exceptional price of 0.52 € More info…
Unlimited Purchase

Unlike other virtual number sales websites whose inventory ends, you will receive as many virtual numbers as you order from our website.

Ready to use Ready to Use Virtual numbers are offered as tdata More info…
Completely Private

The virtual numbers you buy from us will only be delivered to you and are not shared with other people.

Desirable Quality Desirable Quality Virtual numbers offered after being tested and guaranteed More info…
More Order, Higher discount

Each virtual number has a low price. However, the more virtual numbers you buy from us, you will get higher discount.

Answer some important questions
What exactly is a Telegram virtual number?
A Telegram virtual number is actually a mobile number (a line) that someone in a country buys and gives it to you to use. Only the main buyer has access to the physical SIM card, but most of the things you do with a real number in Telegram can also be done with a virtual number; For example, you can create an account in Telegram with a virtual number and benefit from all Telegram features; Make a voice or video call in Telegram, send a text message and ...
What is tdata?
Tdata is a folder containing the line information that, if placed next to the accompanying Telegram executable file, is run directly without the need for activation; That is, when you open Telegram, that line is automatically opened as a Telegram-ready account.
Why is the virtual telegram number delivered to us 3 to 5 days after order registration? important
On the first day you order a virtual number on our site, we start the process of preparing the numbers (for you), but in order to be able to guarantee the quality of these numbers before delivery, we usually spend 3 to 5 days normalizing and validating the lines, that is, we do various things with these numbers so that these numbers are approved by Telegram for sending bulk messages (so that the numbers do not encounter the Telegram messaging restriction when sending a message to an unmutual contact). Telegram approval can sometimes take more than 5 days. Since we provide fully prepared and guaranteed numbers, we will not deliver the numbers to you until we are sure that the numbers are approved by Telegram for sending bulk messages.

Are Telegram virtual numbers worth buying at this price?

Why are the virtual numbers provided on the Virtual-User website economical and worth buying?
Explanation in audio file Audio file text ×

Why are the virtual numbers provided on the Virtual-User website economical and worth buying?

You may have visited different websites to buy Telegram virtual numbers. You have probably seen on other websites that virtual numbers are sold with different prices, sometimes higher, sometimes lower than our price, and you may wonder what the difference between the price of our virtual numbers and the virtual numbers of other sites are for ... why in some places it is more expensive and why cheaper in some places? There are various reasons for this price difference.
First, SIM cards are generally purchased from different countries at different prices. There are some countries where the quality of their lines is guaranteed and for this reason the price of virtual numbers in these countries is higher. We also always provide lines from countries that we are sure provide the quality of content in the field of virtual lines, and we never buy lines from countries that we know do not have the desired quality. So the first price difference is because of the country from which the line was made. Secondly, the history of lines is different, for example, sometimes the lines provided are already used by other people and their quality is reduced because they are not new. For example, consider a SIM card that the original buyer gives to someone once who creates a Telegram account with it which may get reported for any reason. Later, that line will be sold again which you will buy. Wanting to send a message to an unmutual contact, you recieve the error that says your account is limited. This means that even though you did not do anything wrong with that Telegram line, but because of the work that the previous owners of that line did, now you can not use this line. So another reason for the price difference is that we deliver lines to you that are privateto you, totally new, first-hand, and previously were not owned by anyone else, and are given to you for the first time and have no history of failure, and you can safely use these numbers in Telegram. TThe third issue with the lines that you buy from most of the other websites is that before you start sending bulk Telegram messages with these numbers, you have to keep them for a few days, especially in your phone or an Android emulator. That is, launch them on your phone or Android emulator and do a series of normal and natural tasks with them for a while, for example, create a Telegram account with these lines, and then join groups, send messages, receive messages with these accounts, etc. which I call naturalization and validation of the number in the Telegram. These affairs will probably take time and you will get bored and sending your message in bulk will be delayed.
Another reason for the price difference is that the lines you buy from us are ready to use immediately after delivery, and you do not need to wait for a while and prepare the lines in bulk, because we do the validation process of the lines before delivery. We will calculate the fee on the price of the virtual number that we will deliver to you. For these quality reasons, the price of our virtual numbers is a little higher, but as you can see, it is definitely worth buying. Because you buy a line at this price, which is only delivered to you, not shared with others, healthy at the time of deliverywhich you can comfortably use, and on the other hand, you do not need to go through the process of preparing the line for bulk messaging. You just get these lines and start sending bulk as soon as you receive these numbers.

Lifetime of Virtual Numbers

We say that the lifetime of virtual numbers is usually up to 2 months. However, we have had customers who have used virtual numbers (purchased from our website) for more than 2 years, but this is not always the case and you can not depend on virtual numbers permanently. More info… ×

Lifetime of Virtual Numbers

In fact, how long your virtual number will last depends on how you use that virtual number, and when we deliver the virtual numbers to you, we no longer have any control over them, and everything depends on you and how you use the virtual numbers.

Limited to the Telegram platform

Note that the virtual numbers that you buy as 'Telegram virtual number' can only used in Telegram, and you can not use these numbers to create an account on other platforms such as WhatsApp or Instagram, send SMS, make phone calls, etc.

Ready to Use Numbers in Tdata Format

The numbers we provide are fully ready to use; meaning that they do not even require SMS activation. Just put the tdata folder we deliver to you next to the executable file of the accompanying Telegram program so that they can be used immediately. More info… ×

Ready to Use Numbers in Tdata Format

This means that your Telegram account will be uploaded immediately with that line without the need for any other prerequisites. As mentioned earlier, Tidita is a folder containing line information that, if placed next to the accompanying Telegram executable file, pops up directly without the need for activation.


Buying more virtual numbers will bring you higher discount
NO. of Virtual Numbers Price
Up to 10 virtual numbers Each virtual number costs 0.52 €
From 10 to 20 virtual numbers 0.52 €
From 20 to 30 virtual numbers 0.49 €
Over 30 virtual numbers 0.46 €

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 پرسش و پاسخ درباره About Telegram Virtual Numbers

Frequently Asked Questions About Telegram Virtual Numbers

Can we order virtual numbers from a specific country?
No. Based on the experience and communication we have with our customers, we know which countries offer better quality virtual numbers. These numbers are available in series from different countries, which are sometimes high quality and sometimes low quality. For example, sometimes a country whose numbers we have always used may offer a series of poor quality or second-hand lines, and since we always test every series of numbers, we notice their poor quality and cancel them. We always end up with only the numbers of the countries whose current inventory series is qualitatively approved. For this reason, in your various purchases, you may receive numbers from different countries.
How is the Telegram virtual number delivered?
The virtual number you purchase from us will be delivered to you in a tdata folder; Just place the virtual number folder next to the Telegram executable file to create your Telegram account with that number.
What is the minimum and maximum number of Telegram virtual numbers that we can order for you?
You can order at least 5 virtual numbers at a time, but the maximum number of orders depends on the delivery time of the lines and we do not have a limit on the number of orders; This means that if you want to receive your virtual numbers in 3 to 5 days, we can deliver up to 100 numbers to you at the time, and we need more time to prepare more than this. However, you can buy several series of 100 virtual numbers and we will deliver them to you only a little later in terms of time.
What is the difference between your Telegram virtual number and the free virtual numbers created with apps?
The virtual numbers that you buy from us will be delivered exclusively to you and their quality is guaranteed, but the free virtual numbers that you create using special apps are available to several people, so they have no quality, they will be out of your reach and unusable soon.
How can we activate the Telegram virtual numbers we buy from you?
The virtual numbers you purchase from our website do not require any activation process. To use them, all you have to do is put the virtual numbers folders that we deliver to you next to the executable file of the accompanying Telegram program and open Telegram; Just this! When you open Telegram, the number automatically opens as in a ready Telegram account.
Moreover, all the details about how to set up and maintain the virtual numbers have been provided to you in a tutorial PDF file which we will send to you with the virtual numbers.
Are the Telegram virtual numbers we receive from you guaranteed?
We only guarantee that the virtual numbers will be safe at the time of delivery, and after that (ie when you have confirmed that all the numbers have been given to you correctly and safely), we will have no guarantee because the virtual numbers will be completely under your control and we will not have any access to them.
Therefore, we usually ask you to test the numbers within 1 hour from the time of delivery and report any problems to us. If there is a faulty number from the beginning which the Telegram does not open, we will replace that virtual number for you.

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