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Telegram Bulk Messaging Bot Package

Including special tips and tricks to avoid getting blocked

Don’t mistake this product for Telegram Bots due to similarity in their names, our Bot is a Windows Application

Activated and successfully tested on Tuesday 2021-02-23

With this package

What can be done?

Sending bulk private messages

To a list of phone numbers

To a list of usernames (with @)

With images, videos and ...

Sending private messages to group subscribers

Inviting members to your group

Watch how the Bot works

Telegram Bulk Message Sender in Action
Send bulk telegram message by virtual user software

Is it worth buying this package?

Telegram Bulk Messaging Bot sends your ads as Private Messages (DMs) to people, which is one of the most effective methods of advertisement!
Learning how to use the Bot may take less than a day, and after that, you can run the Bot every day with just a double click and it will send the messages

Life time license / No limits on the number of messages

Free Updates For 1 Year / Renew updates with (5.95 € for a year

Includes 1 lifetime license of the software

VIP tutorials inside the package

Only 49 € Purchase page
The price: 49 € with a limited 40% discount coupon: 29 € Discount code in the Purchase page

Important principles of sending bulk messages on Telegram

If you want to send the messages to your mutual contacts (meaning people who have saved your number or have sent you a message), you will have no limitations, And in fact, due to high speed of Telegram Bulk Messaging Bot, you can easily send messages to all of them on a single day.

But for anonymous numbers (meaning people who have not saved your number, and have not sent you any messages), Telegram will not let you send more than 50 messages per day. This number of messages is too low for the advertisements to be effective. Therefore, we are providing low-cost Virtual SIMs that you can purchase at this website, and use them to economically increase the number of your daily messages
Considering the guidelines that are included in this package and since almost all of the operations of sending messages are automated, if you purchase Telegram Bulk Messaging Bot Package, you will have the most comprehensive tool for Telegram bulk messaging and advertising

Best telegram robot for PC

Creating a database of Telegram User Names

Telegram Bulk Messaging Bot can extract the User Names of The group members

Who is Telegram Bulk Messaging suitable for?

If you have a list of hand-picked numbers tailored to your job and wish to send them a special offer
More info via audio track
If you have your customers' numbers and want to inform them about a new subject
More info via audio track
If you want to send private messages to the members of your group
More info via audio track
If you use Telegram to support your clients and want to send private messages to those who already had a chat with you
More info via audio track

Telegram Bulk Messaging Bot Demo

Before the purchase, you can test our Bot and make sure that it works on your system
Filename Size Action 31MB Download
Tips for downloading and using the package View


  • Windows (7 تا 10 ,Server 2003-2016)Telegram Bulk Messaging Bot Trial Version Telegram (Latest Version)
  • Note 1: If you have more than one monitor, only one of them should be Enabled.
  • Note 2: The Scale (Settings > Display > Scale and layout) of the monitor must be set to 100%.
Download the trial Version

Screenshots of Telegram Bulk Messaging

Contents of the Telegram Bulk Messaging Bot Package
Contents of 'sending bulk messages to anonymous numbers macro' folder
Importing numbers and texts from an Excel File
Importing Text, Photo, Video from an Excel File
Runing the 'sending bulk messages to anonymous numbers' macro
Tutorials (Full Version)
Best telegram robot for PC

Identify Telegram & Non-Telegram Phone Numbers

Click on the "Excel Output File" button to see how the file looks like when the process is done

Features of the Telegram Bulk Messaging Bot

1 Skipping numbers that do not have a Telegram account
2 Ability to insert any person's name, gender or other titles into the message
3 Ability to send unique messages to each person, more info
4 Ability to forward messages from channels (increasing their view rate)
5 Ability to insert one or more photos (video, etc.) sequentially
6 Ability to insert the links of websites, channels, groups, etc. into the message
7 Marking the people who have received the messages
8 Send a certain number of messages per SIM/account (automatic SIM switch)
9 Ability to use SIM/account with two-step verification passwords
10 Sending messages to mutual contacts, without limitations
11 Sending messages to anyone who has had a chat with you, without limitations
12 Ability to insert phone numbers from Excel to Telegram and vice versa Note!
13 Ability to distinguish between Telegram users and non-Telegram users,
14 Extracting User Names of Group and Channel Members
15 Extracting Usernames from your previous chats
16 Ability to send private messages directly via User Names
17 Sending private messages to group members More info
18 Ability to send sequential messages within groups
19 Ability to add (invite) people to groups
20 Ability to run on virtual servers (VPS) Important Notes

To view the folders list and the capabilities of Telegram Bulk Messaging Bot Package, please click on the following button...

Folders list

Contents of the Telegram Bulk Messaging Bot Package

After purchasing the full version of Telegram Bulk Messaging Bot Package, you will have access to the following folders.

Files list

Click on each folder to see the explanations

Tutorial Videos

This folder includes video tutorials. The first video is very important since it explains how to use all the features of the robot. Watching this tutorial is highly recommended. The name of the other tutorials show their use cases. For the third video, please bear in mind that it is useful for a time that you want to hide some parts of the link so when the receiver taps on it, the hidden contents would appear.

Tools, tricks and important rules for sending bulk messages

This folder includes very important information on our and our customers’ experiences about sending messages and there are explanations about virtual numbers too, and we encourage you to read them all. Also, some useful tricks and tools are included that address some special cases, and we recommend you to read them carefully before starting to send messages and evaluating them.

Common errors

The solutions to some common errors that you might face are provided in this folder. The error “Call was rejected by the receiver is due to the MS Excel software (or MS Office package) not being activated. The error “The system cannot find the file specified” is due to the incorrect name or path of the “Telegram_Portable” file. to see the solution for each error, refer to the PDF file that is contained in the folder.

Macros that do not need Excel to run

This folder contains all the macros of the package. You don't need to have excel installed, to run these macros.

Sending bulk messages to anonymous numbers macro

This macro is one of the most practical macros in sending bulk messages for telegram advertisement; the usage of which is explained completely in the video tutorial number 1. this macro is used to send messages to the users who, according to Telegram, are considered anonymous to you. (meaning that you had no conversation with eachother so far or your mobile number is not saved as a contact on their account). Also, note that this Macro has two versions and their difference is explained in an image file.

Send Bulk Messages To Familiar Contacts

This macro is for sending bulk messages to familiar contacts, the users who have already chatted with you or have saved your mobile number on their phone/account. This macro has two versions. One of them sends the messages by the numbers and the other by contacts’ names. Eventhough the former version is a little bit slower due to checking the numbers, but it is recommended version since it does not make mistakes if it faces familiar contact names on a list.

Sending messages to IDs (usernames)

This is also one of the most practical macros of the robot. Please note: This macro is able to send messages to the users that have set their Profile picture. There is no difference in the results if you use the IDs of channels or groups, this macro could send the messages to either one of them. If the ID of a group is pasted sequentially in the Excel file, the macro bombards the group with the same message, and your messages may get reported by the group's admin.

Send Messages to All Saved Contacts

As the name suggests, this macro can be used to send messages to your saved contacts. It makes no difference that these contacts are Anonymous, or Mutual(Familiar). You need to check that the amount of contacts are within the specified limitations, otherwise your line might be banned. The advantage of using this macro is that no time is wasted to add the contacts and therefore it increases the speed.

Send Messages to anyone who had a conversaion with you

This is a useful macro for Administrators and Support who use telegram to message their personnel and/or clients, and therefore their recipients are no longer considered as anonymous. In other words, there are no limitations in sending bulk messages to people who have alreade chatted with you. We usually use this macro to send important notifications to our customers. It should be noted that the 'Draft Answer to Chats' which is also included in this folder, types all the messages but does not send them.

Importing contacts from Excel

As the name suggests, this macro is used when you want to add contacts from a list of numbers to telegram. Please note that Telegram is sensitive to similar names or numbers, if the numbers or names you are trying to import are very similar (ie. sequential numbers, duplicate names,...) please refer to the notes that are mentioned in the “tips and tricks” folder.

Distinguish Telegram and non-Telegram users

If you want to determine which numbers are joined to telegram and which ones are not, or in other words, if you want to separate the telegram users from non-telegram users, this is the macro you need. Also, please pay attention that Telegram is sensitive to similar names or numbers, if the numbers or names you are trying to save are very similar (ie. sequential numbers, duplicate names,...) please refer to the notes that are mentioned in the “tips and tricks” folder.

Removing contacts from Telegram

In some cases you might want to remove some your saved contacts. In order to do this, you can list those contacts in an Excel file, and then use this macro.

Drafting bulk messages

This macro is very similar to the Sending bulk messages to anonymous number with a difference that after typing the message, it does not press send, and leaves this decision to you. This action is called drafting. Once the macro finishes the job, you can send the messages manually by openning each one, and hitting Enter.

Inviting Members to Your Channel or Group

The Name is self explanatory, but note that due to telegram restrictions, you can only add 200 members with each line to a channel. To get the best result with the groups, you should add 50 members to each group with each line.

Sending Bulk messeges to groups

If, instead of using the IDs of people, you use the IDs of Channels or Groups, the macro is still going to work, and the messages are send to the specified channel or group.

Direct Forward of the Saved Message macro

This macro forwards the last saved message in your “Saved Messages” to the contacts that are imported from the Excel File One of the use cases of this macro is using it a post from your channel, and increasing it's view rate. Also be noted that this Macro is not mature enough and can only be used for one line.

Extract Group Members' Info Macro

A very practical macro that can extract the information of the members of a given group/channel. The benefit of using this macro is that you can be sure that you're collecting the IDs that are interested in a specific subject (the subject of the group/channel) and this is useful for purposeful advertisements. The IDs that are collected in this way can be used with the Macro that sends private bulk messages to IDs.

Extracting the information of people who chatted with you

This macro could be useful for Administrators and and Support staff who use Telegram to message their personnel/clients. It can extract the IDs of the people who messaged you and then you can use the “sending messages to IDs” macro to send them bulk message with no limitations (the limitations drop because the recipients messaged you first and according to Telegram they are considered as familiar or mutual contacts).

Extracting the information of Telegram contacts and export to Excel

This macro can extract the information of your Telegram contacts (including names, numbers, usernames), and save them in an Excel file. A professional Tip: if you have unused or empty lines (like virtual numbers) or an android emulator (whose contacts list is empty), you can import the numbers your got from the excel file (up to 5,000 numbers) to the phone (or android emulator) contacts, and install Telegram on that empty line. Upon doing this, all the numbers that have Telegram accounts are recognized quickly and are saved. Then, you can use this macro and create an Excel file that only has the contacts with telegram account.

Extract Channel Members' Info With Search

You can use this Macro to gather all the Names, IDs and Phone Numbers (if they are available) of the members of a Channel. There are two verions for this macro, one is for the Creator of the channel, and the other is for the administrators.

Send Bulk Messags into the Groups Macro

This Macro Sends Bulk Messages to a list of Groups and it has two version. One of them has the ability to set a specific delay. The other can join the groups. There are some differences regarding the messages that can be sent, and oll of these are explained in the images that are included in the folders.

Run the Telegram Bulk Messaging Bot
on a Virtual Machine & Minimize it

Pros You can use mouse and keyboard while the Bot is running.

Cons The system becomes slow (Virtual Machines use more CPU & RAM)

Using softwares like VirtualBox or VMWare you can install a Virtual Machine on your system and Install Windows on it. Then, you can run the Telegram Bulk Messaging Bot on those Virtual Machines.

While the Bot is running on the Virtual Machine, it's not going to use your mouse & keyboard, and you can Minimize the Virtual Machine and run other tasks on the system. However, please note that this configuration requires a powerful system, that has enough CPU & RAM to run two operating systems simultaneously.

If you are going to use the Telegram Bulk Messaging Bot on a Virtual Machine..

Make sure to back up your VM, since if it gets deleted or becomes unavailable there is no way to retrieve the license of the package.

running a virtual machine on a LINUX system You can search for tutorials on Installing a Windows Virtual Machine, or search Google for "How to install Windows 7 on VirtualBox".

The Telegram Bulk Messaging Bot has the ability to be run on Virtual Private Servers (VPS) as well. More Information on this page

Watch How the Macros Work

In these videos, we show the process of working with some of the Macros

Send bulk message to familiar contacts
Export contacts from telegram to excel
Extract group member info
Import contacts from excel to telegram
Send message to username
Deleting telegram contacts from a list
some telegram robot videos
Sending private messages to the members of a group

Sending Private Messages to Group Members

with Telegram Bulk Messaging bot, You can send private messages to the members of the groups you join...

Telegram Bulk Messaging Bot support

If you need help, we will be by your side at the initial setup of All the bots (until the end of the initial setup, the support is free). If you need additional help after the initial installation or you need to customize some parts of the settings of the ready-made Bots, extra charges will be applied (based on how complicated and time-consuming the job is).

Will the virtual user software work correctly if the Telegram app gets new updates?

The ready-made bots which we made for you using the vUser software are produced according to the current appearance and functions of the Telegram app; And as long as the Telegram app appearance and functions do not change, the Bots will continue to work. However, if they do change in a future update and our settings stop working, within a few days after the update, new settings will become available. If the Telegram app changes a lot, separate update fees may apply.

telegram bulk message sender bot Support

Frequently Asked Questions About Telegram Bulk Messaging Bot Package

Yes, because our software is not designed based on the Telegram API, and uses the mouse and keyboard of your system in a way that simulates human behaviors, It has never been identified as a Robot and it never will. Our Bot was developed in 2018 and like all of our other Bots, has always been active and has constantly been updated. You can check out the list of updates at the bottom of this page.

The Bots which we have made for you ,using the vUser software, are produced according to the current appearance and functions of the Telegram app. And as long as the Telegram app appearance and functions do not change, the Bots will continue to work. However, if they do change in a future update, and our settings stop working, within a few days after the update, new settings will become available. If the Telegram app changes a lot, separate update fees may apply. Since the release of our Telegram package in 2018, there have never been changes that require a big update.

No. If you are looking for active numbers, and if you want to be able to categorize them based on city or field of occupation, you can use one of our Bots that Extract the information of websites. For more information, you can visit the page of this product Another way to get these databases is to search for them or contact the post office, universities, schools, or other appropriate organizations

If you need to send a lot of messages to "Anonymous" people, yes. In that case, based on the number of messages, you are going to need Virtual SIMs.

No. It's up to you, to provide the number which can be used for sending the advertisements.

There are some applications and websites that provide these numbers at a low price. But since the low quality of these SIMs has made problems in sending the messages for some of our customers, we've decided to provide high quality SIMs. The price of each of these SIMs is 0.55 €. To purchase and order Virtual SIMs, you can go to this page. Using a standard and high-quality Virtual SIM, you can send private messages to 50 anonymous people on each day (24 hours).

In general, the two are fairly similar. In some cases, because of the difference between the country code of the Virtual SIMs, Telegram will not allow using them to add accounts to the group. In Bulk messaging, there is no difference between the two. Also, please note that Virtual SIMs usually work for two months, and you cannot count on them to work permanently. These SIMs are mainly Used in Bulk Message Advertisements.

There are two steps: First, you need to obtain the members IDs, this video shows how to do it. As you can see in the video, since you are allowed to access the information of group members, our software can obtain this information automatically and save them in an Excel File. Regarding Channels, you need to note that only the Admin of the channel is allowed to access this information. After that, you need to send the messages to the extracted IDs. This is one of the trivial features of our application and has no difference with sending messages to phone numbers. You can watch the video at the beginning of this page to see how this can be done.
Exctract Group Information Macro
Exctract Group Information Macro Video

At the moment, each license is issued for a single Computer (or Server). If you want to use the application on more systems, you need to buy additional licenses. Also, note that the purchased license can not be deleted or transferred, and you need to be careful that on which system you're activating the license.

Yes. We recommend to use the software on a personal computer, but the software will run on all the versions of the Windows that run on Virtual Servers. The only requirement for these servers is that they should support VNC or VMware Client. For more information you can refer to the guidelines regarding the usage of the software on Virtual Servers (VPS).

Telegram advertisements are different from SMS panels and bulk short messaging. This method of advertisement requires hand-picked numbers.
Imagine a scenario in which you send some Ads that are targeted to women, to a group of men. This will highly increase the risk of receivers reporting those Ads, and since Telegram is very serious in addressing complaints, it will immediately become sensitive to your lines, your promotional text and your system!
In addition to finding the right contacts, it's best to act thoughtfully on your promotional text and not just send a simple promotional text because that may also cause the recipients to report them as spam.
Our recommendations for promotional texts are as follows: Offer discounts or special products/services; mention the name of the contact in the text of the message if it's possible, and be sure to indicate from which sources you obtained their number, since most people (specially women), consider their mobile numbers private and if you do not clearly indicate how you got their numbers, they will report and block you. (for example, say "We have taken your number from the center of the makeup-artists. if you are no longer active in the area, we apologize, because the guild system staff numbers are often not up to date.")
We should mention that we have not had a reporting problem in advertising our work; due to using proper promotional texts and finding contacts who are interested in our product.

If you use 10 lines that send messages to 30 to 35 people (sending more messages will increase the chance of the lines getting blocked), this figure will reach 300-350 people per day, and 10,000 people per month. Therefore, 10 lines would be enough for a 10 thousand Ads per month. The price of 10 lines is 5 €, which will be added to your charges.
This is a standard case and does not consider the possibility of lines getting blocked. In a more realistic case or if you want to increase the speed of work, you are going to need more numbers or you can purchase additional serial numbers and run the Bot on more systems.
The price of the serial number is much lower than the cost of the whole package, and we offer discounts if you purchase more than one.
if you comply with the rules described in this PDF file, you will avoid additional costs and get better results.
the rules for Telegram bulk messaging

We said that Telegram has some limitations in sending messages to anonymous numbers, but for your mutual contact (who have your number, and you have their numbers saved), there are no such limitations, that is, with a single line, you can send all the messages you want, to each of your mutual contacts.
on Telegram app, the anonymous numbers are numbers that have not already chatted with you or do not have your number saved on their contacts list. If these people send you a message once (for example, send a "hello" or even send "1" to you), then in terms of Telegram, they are considered as your familiar contact, and you can send them bulk messages without any limits.
if you can persuade your customers or subscribers to send you a message on Telegram, you can pass the barrier on telegram limitations and send bulk messages free of charge, through the Telegram, instead of spending money on SMS panels. The "Telegram Bulk messaging to mutual contacts" robot will send messages to these contacts.
If you want to send bulk messages on Telegram for advertising your business without the difficulties of getting mutual contacts, you can use the "Telegram Bulk messaging for Anonymous Numbers" Macro, which by switching the lines, bypasses the limitations of Telegram.

The Security of your Information is Guaranteed

No information is sent to us

For companies and organizations that care a lot about their information security, we guarantee that the virtual user software does not transfer any information through the internet because it works offline. We have provided this guarantee on a legally binding contract in company letterheads and signature, and we can send a copy of this contract if a company or organization requests it.


Purchase Telegram Bulk Messaging Bot Package

After Purchase

The Download Link will immediately become available after the purchase. After the purchase, the download link will be added to your User Panel on the website. To access this link, first, you need to enter your username and password and log in to the User Panel (the default username and password is the email address and phone number that you have entered in the purchase box), and then, go to the Download purchased products section. We have also shown the list of all the folders that you will have after downloading the full version.

after purchase help step1
after purchase help step2

Special Tutorial Videos of the Full Version For the Full version of the "Telegram Bulk Messaging Bot Package", we have made a special tutorial video, which is different from its Demo version. This video is in the __Tutorial Videos__ folder of the package. However, the package that you download is a compressed file, and to access its contents, first, you need to extract it. By watching and following all the steps that are shown in the tutorial video, you can easily install the software and use all of its features. In addition to this video, there are some PDF files in the folders of each of the macros, that describe the usage and additional notes that are specific to each macro and the contents of each folder.

Contents of the Full Version of the Telegram Bulk Messaging Bot

After purchasing the full version of the Telegram Bulk Messaging Bot, you will have access to the following files and folders. Click/Tap on the name of each folder to see the descriptions, or click on the (+) sign next to them to see their contents. Content Type Count Bots 27 Tutorials 36 List of file and folders

The Ability to Purchase other Products for Half of the Price (for the same system) We have designed the Software License of our products in a way that if you activate just one of them in your system, the other products will no longer need to be activated, and you will not need to purchase the serial number. In other words, you can use the same activation code for our other products on the same system. The price of each package is a combination of the prices of bots that are included in the package and the price of 1 serial number (activation code), and as we mentioned, you will no longer need to pay the price of the serial number.

after purchase help step4

Support for the Initial Setup phase By support, we mean solving software problems, and teaching is not a part of it. That being said, if you need our help in the initial phases of using the bots, we will be at your service and you don’t need to worry about it. Support for Solving Software Problems About solving the issues that might happen with the software and the updates, you can check the “Change Log” section at the bottom of this page to see how active our company is on this matter.

after purchase help step5

Telegram Bulk Messaging Bot Package Change Log

Activated and successfully tested on Tuesday 2021-02-23

nothing matter

13 September

Version 3.0

New Features

Added the following features to the Send Messages to IDs and Send Messages to Anonymous Numbers Macro:

The Ability to configure some of the Delays

Improving the forwarding operations in macros that forward messages

Reporting the line that was used to send the messages

nothing matter

12 May

Version 2.9

New Features

Added the ability to forward messages in the Send Bulk Messages into the Groups Macro

Added the Line Check Macro, that checks if any of the lines has been reported

In both versions of the Send Messages to IDs, and the second versions of the Send Bulk Messages to Anonymous Numbers Macros, the messages will not be sent to the Done (successful) Ids or numbers in consecutive runs

Bug Fixes

Fixing the issue with short names in the Distinguish Telegram & Non Telegram Users Macro

Fixing the halt problem of the Send & Forward Messages to IDs Macro

Fixing the issue with the Send & Forward Messages to IDs Macro when the Saved Message was itself forwarded.

Fixing the issue with changing the lines in the Send Bulk Messages to Anonymous Numbers Macro

Extract Group Members' Info: Deleted Accounts will be ignored in macro termination Checks


Order Sending Messages - Adding to Groups

With the help of our colleagues we can perform some services like sending bulk messages, extracting User Names and adding members in exchange for a fee

  1. Messages will be sent as Instant View and we can insert links or images in the messages. Check out these samples: First sample, and Second sample.
  2. Since our capacity to send the messages are limited, once you've placed your order and have paid the price your messages will be queued and we will inform you about the time that they will be sent.
  3. Once the process of sending the messages begins, you will have access to an online reporting panel, and you will be able to track the process. Also, you can download an Excel report.
Service Fee
Sending to your Number database Each 1K 15 €
Adding to Groups Each 1K 14 €
Sending to your username database Each 1K 6.5 €
Extracting usernames from a target Group 10k 0.9 €

Once you've placed your order, contact our Telegram Account (Number: +31686349254, ID: @vuser_support).

Purchase Order Sending Messages

Order sending messages
After placing the order Contact us at
Telegram to make the arrangements
(Phone Number: +31686349254
Or Username: @vuser_support )
Go to purchase page

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