The Virtual User Software

A Robot That Automates Computer Tasks

The vUser software is an advanced and intelligent Bot Maker which can automate all Windows and web-based tasks

Supports and Automates...

windows automation Windows Softwares
Microsoft Excel Automation MS Excel
Google Chrome Automation Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox Automation Mozilla Firefox
2Chaptcha Api 2captcha
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The Virtual User Software, has three programs

vUser Recorder

1. vUser Recorder

Free Limited features

To record and save
mouse and keyboard commands


2. vUser Editor

139 €

To Extend or Edit
The List of Saved Commands

vUser Editor
vUser Player

3. vUser Player

29 €

To Play
The Recorded actions & commands


Download a free Demo

Before the purchase, you can test the Virtual User Software

Download a free - Demo
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Trial version tutorial video.mp4 5.33 s Watch
Trial version limitations ...

Some features of the Virtual User Software

Microsoft Excel Automation

The ability to work with Excel files is fully implemented.
Copy from Excel Cells or Insert Information into them / The ability to Open or Create an Excel File / Move Between Cells in different directions / Open a Sheet or Insert a New Sheet / Insert Information into the Cells / Save the Excel file and...

Firefox & Chrome Automation

Ability to work with Firefox and Chrome browsers is fully supported.
Open Browsers / Find Elements / Fill Forms / Click on Buttons ...

Conditional commands

It is possible to create a condition that is based on the outcome of a command,
and to determine what is to be done if the command succeeds or fails. / It is also possible to make
conditions via the control commands (such as Check Number, Excel Check Cell, , etc.)

Repeat loops

It is possible to create loops via the Jump command or based on the the results of other commands.
You can repeat Jumps as many times as you want.

Variable Definitions

Contains (customizable) numeric and text variables and predefined system variables, such as Program Files, My Documents folders, and more / Variables can be used in almost all actions, especially control and conditional actions.

Hide macro commands

It is possible to hide Macro commands with passwords. This will be very useful when you need to execute commands on other systems but the users of those systems should not be able to see the value of some specific parameters.

Macro Time Lock

It is possible to set a time limit (based on hours or days) for using macros. After the timeout expires, you can show a custom message to indicate that the time limit has been reached.

Bypass Captcha security codes

It is possible to detect and insert anti-robot security codes with a 2Captcha API.
Captchas in almost all languages in the world, can be bypassed

Waiting for special occasions

Waiting and Detecting the Status of a Specific Control / Waiting and Detecting a User / Waiting for a Specific Field completion/Load / Waiting Web Pages to load / and Detect or hide web page elements

Microsoft Excel
Firefox & Chrome
Repeat loops
Bypass Captcha
security codes
Conditional commands
Waiting for
special events
macro commands
Macro Time Lock

Actions supported by virtual user software

Click / touch on the actions to see their descriptions


Selected action description

Download a free Demo

Before the purchase, you can test the Virtual User Software

Download a free - Demo
Filename Version Size Action 15.3 MB Download
Trial version tutorial video.mp4 5.33 s Watch

The Benefits of Using the Virtual User Software for Companies

Lighten staff work with virtual user software

Using Robots instead of manpower

Reduce personnel workload and save costs

Your Personnel can focus on more creative tasks

Protect company confidential information with virtual user software

Set the Rules and rest assured

Prevent fraud and manipulation of data

Convenience of handling the information by the Robot

Remove human errors with virtual user software

Eliminating human errors

Eliminate the damages caused by human errors

Robots make no mistakes in doing their tasks

Speed up business and increase efficiency with virtual user software

Speed up the completion of tasks

Increase efficiency and overall productivity

Robots will work 24/7, without fatigue or compromising the quality

Frequently Asked Questions

We have made some Robots that are ready for use in special scenarios, and are available in the Side Products section. By doing this, in addition to letting you get familiar with the look and feel of our software, we've shown that if you know the software and the tasks you want to do with it, each and every one of them can be automated. For example, to automate a task that includes website actions, you should not use the Recorder application, becuase web tasks have some specific actions and in order to automate them, you have to use the Editor application. Also, it is not a good idea to open Files & Folders or My Computer and do all such tasks in the Recorder Application; instead, you should use the actions in the Editor application that are specific to Files and Folders. We recommend that before building a production ready Macro, you should watch all the tutorials and practice with our sample Macros to get familiar with the applications. And of course, if you need more help, you can contact us for support

Virtual User Software is a Windows application and is compatible with the following versions of Windows operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Server 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016

Currently, the application licenses are issued per system, and can only be used on one computer (or server).
Please note that after the activation of the licenses, they can not be overwritten and/or transferred to another computer.

Yes, of course we recommend that you use the software on a personal computer, but the software is applicable to all versions of Windows that are installed on virtual servers. The only thing to note is how to connect to the VPS that should support remote devices such as VNC or VMware Client. For more information, see the Virtual Server Software (VPS) Tips Page.

Support & Training

Once you purchase the software, you will have access to our support staff and this service if free, and if you encounter issues with the functions of the software, we will fix them immediately. Also, the new and revised versions of the products will be available in periodic updates.
As for tutorials, we've tried to provide comprehensive guides and numerous instructional videos to help and pave the way for you to learn the software, but we know that these might not be enough. Therefore, we have added a special 1 hour training, in form of a custom video. This tutorial will address the details of the specific macro that you need to build.
The cost of this one-hour special training is 43 €, and is included in the full version of the software and you will not have to pay more to use it.

Virtual user software support

The Security of your information is Guaranteed

For companies and organizations that care a lot about their information security, we guarantee that the Virtual User Software does not transfer any information through the internet because it works offline. We have provided this guarantee on a legally binding contract in company letterheads and signature, and we can send a copy of this contract if a company or organization requests it.

telegram robot

Order a Customized Robot

In addition to our programming team, we have a team of RPA specialists that have years of operational experience in the industry. Some of the Robots that have been built by this team are available on the website, and others have been made specially for our customers. If you have some unique and special operations that you want to automate, you can order a customized Robot. Our team of RPA specialists is going to assess the operations, and develop your business automation.
Depending on the processes that need to be automated, customized Robot have varying degrees of complication. Therefore, before analyzing the operations and requirements, we can not calculate the price of developing these Robots.
To get a clear assessment of the price of the customized Robot, you can record the process you want to automate, and send the video to get an expert review.

Perform custom projects - build custom robots

Purchase the Virtual User Software

Purchase a License of the Software (or the full version with one hour of custom training)

Virtual User Software Change Log

Version (2020-11-02)

New Features

Added the ability to run multiple instances of the Firefox browser simultaneously , with different profiles.

Bug Fixes

Fixed some minor issues and improved the methods of solving Captchas

Version (2020-10-12)

Bug Fixes

Fixing the issue with Deleting Variables in the Editor Application

Enhancing and improving the methods of solving Captchas and Direct File Downloads

Improving the search methods for finding iFrames in web based Macros

Version (2020-10-05)

Bug Fixes

Synchronization of the links inside the software with the international virtual user website

Version (2020-09-22)

New Features

Added the new Get System Information action

Added the ability to manage Alerts in web-based actions

Bug Fixes

Improving the algorithms related to detecting the Firefox path

Fixing the issue with inability to edit the Excel files that were created by the software

Fixing the issue with changing Labels in the Editor application

Version (2020-06-06)

New Features

Added the Jalali Dates

Added the methods to solve "I'm not a Bot" Recaptcha V2

Bug Fixes

Fixing the issue with Jumps that had duplicate labels

Added the ability to insert * in the begining of the web elements' attributes