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SEO robot

Matches the latest search engine algorithms

With this robot

What can be done?

Improve your site's Alexa Rank

By opening and scrolling the site automatically, with different ip
With the possibility of scrolling the site side pages

Simulate Google Search and click on your site

Fully human simulation
With the ability to specify search keywords
View all SEO robot features

Google and Alexa Policies and Algorithms  

Our software does human-like simulations of mouse and keyboard commandsin a way that is not identifiable at all, but Google and Alexa track site visits based on ip, search terms and time between visits. They are out of control of our software so they must be managed by you. Of course, we have the rules and how to manage these things in the package so that you do not get into trouble.
One year free update / corporate support
Includes 1 piece of software permanent serial number worth 29 USD
Unlimited access to VIP product tutorials on site school

Only 80 dollars

10% discount coupon 80 (72 dollars) To a limited number, On our telegram channel (@vuser_software)

How to get the most out of this robot?

If you would like to learn how to use the robot in keeping with the latest search engine policies and algorithms especially Googleand Alexa.
More description audio

Demo version of SEO robot

Before you buy, you can test our SEO robot and make sure it works on your system!
Filename Size Download MB 2.4 Download

Video tutorial how to install Video tutorial

Pictures of SEO Robot

(Full Version)

بهترین ربات برای ارتقا سئو و رنک الکسای سایت شما

Ability to scroll through the pages of your site

You can see an overview of the site scrolling settings file by tapping the opposite button...

Some SEO Robot Features

1 Simulating human behavior
2 Visit homepage and sidebar
3 Ability to automatically change proxies to change ip
4 Search engine simulation for Google, Bing, Yahoo and other world-famous search engines
5 Ability to set pause and scroll times when viewing each page individually
6 Ability to click on buttons or elements of your site page
7 Ability to set the number of hits (number of hits) per run
8 Ability to run virtual servers (VPS) and other virtual machines such as vmware on a personal computer

Demo version of SEO robot

Before purchasing, you can test our SEO robot and make sure it works on your system!
Filename Size Download
Version-trial-robot-SEO MB 2.4 Download

Video Tutorial on Installation Video Tutorial

Folders and Files Full Version of SEO Robot

After purchasing the full version of SEO robot from the following sites, folders and files you will be provided

List of folders

  • _ educational videos _
    • 1. SEO Robot Download and Activation and Training Usage.mp4
  • x Possible Errors x
    • Call error was rejected by callee
      • Error Fix Solution.pdf
      • Error photo.png
  • SEO straightforward robot with Google search
    • OkClick.exe
    • OkClick.vum
    • Your site information.xlsx
    • Proxy Server.xlsx
    • SEO straightforward robot with Google search.vum
  • Alexa Ranka Robot Improvement Version One
    • Settings.xlsx
    • Proxy Server.xlsx
    • Robot Improvement Rank Alexa One.vum
  • Robot Improvement Rank Alexa Edition Two
    • OkClick.exe
    • OkClick.vum
    • Your site information.xlsx
    • Proxy Server.xlsx
    • Robot Improvement Rank Alexa Edition Two.vum
  • Virtual user software program.exe
  • Difference between version one and two Alexa.png

Description of selected folder

_ educational videos _

  • This folder contains a number of educational videos,the first of which is very important because it explains how to use all the features of the robot. it explains how to use all the features of the robot.
  • Other instructional videos are also intended for some special occasions, almost guessing their names can be used.

x Possible Errors x

  • In this folder we have listed a number of common errors that may occur to users when working with this robot, but we have outlined a solution to these errors.
  • Call was rejected by callee error is due to your Excel (or Office suite) not being active

SEO straightforward robot with Google search

  • This robot first searches your keywordon Google and finds your site from a bunch of suggested sites and then clicks on its link and visits it to gain popularity. Show Users To Google.

Alexa Ranka Robot Improvement Version One

  • Robot directly scrolls web pages built by web automation technology of virtual user software
  • This version is suitable for sites that have high content and number of pages, with this bot you can specify in the settings file, which pages to scroll through each time
  • In this version, your mouse and keyboard will not be affected either
  • But it's very unlikely that your site will be identified as a robot, and should not be used on the site many times a day.

Robot Improvement Rank Alexa Edition Two

  • Robot directly scrolls web pages built by virtual desktop software automation technology
  • This version is perfect for when you want to do human activity on your site, such as browsing through روی
  • Do not use mouse or keyboard at runtime.

فیلم های آموزشی ربات سئو

Ability to simulate human behavior

Search your site's keywords in a variety of search engines without being identified as a robot...

SEO Robot Support

We'll be with you in the early stages of robot launch, if you need help (support is free until the end of the initial launch). If you require additional support (in the future) after initial launch, or if you require us to customize some of the ready-made robot settings for your work, you will have to pay a separate fee (depending on the complexity of the task and the time it takes). Pay for it, which is agreeable.

Will Virtual User Software Still Work Correctly if Internet Browsers Update and Change?

The robots that we have prepared for you through the Virtual User's Software are tailored to the current appearance and performance of Internet browsers and will continue to run smoothly as long as browsers continue to perform the same. Was. If browser performance is subject to major changes in subsequent updates and our settings are not met; within a few days we will prepare and provide you with new settings in accordance with the new changes. However, if there are too many changes, there may be a separate charge for the new update that will be announced later.

پشتیبانی ربات سئو نرم افزار کاربر مجازی


question and answer

How does the increase in site visits and the ranking of Alexa rank affect our site's SEO?

Search engines search millions of sites daily to index the content of the site to introduce it to their users when searching. The more visits your site has and the better your Alexa rankings, the more search engine crawlers pay attention to your site and the shorter your site information is, the more important your search engines are to the more visited sites. Because they also want to show sites that are more popular to their users in higher search rankings. There is intense competition among search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) and naturally any search engine that introduces better sites (more popular and more popular) will be drawn to users over time.

Will our site come to the Google homepage by buying and using a SEO and Alexa promotion robot?

Don't look for miracles with this tool. If a site has a good SEO rating and is well positioned in the search engines, it will probably implement different SEO principles over time and with consistent follow-ups for its site. Visiting the site and clicking its pages in various searches are just some of the SEO rankings;
In order for you to be able to drive your site to the top of SEO, it is important to have three key aspects of SEO in addition to using our SEO and Alexa promotion robot. We mean the three aspects of technical seo, site optimization (on page seo) and external optimization (off page seo).

What if our site is penalized by Google?

You will not be restricted if you follow the rules of the SEO and Alexa promotion robot, but if for any reason your site is penalized by Google or other search engines, only that page of your site you were working on for a day or two in Search results will not be displayed.

Can this program be used on a virtual server?

Yes, of course we recommend that you use the software on a personal computer, but the software is applicable to all versions of Windows that are installed on virtual servers. The only thing to note is how to connect to the VPS that should support remote devices such as VNC or VMware Client. For more information, see the Virtual Server Software (VPS) Tips Page.

Can licenses be purchased on multiple computers or servers?

Currently the application license is a single-user application and can only be used on one computer (or server). Note that the application's license cannot be overwritten and transferred to another computer after activation. So, before activating, note which device you want to activate on your device.


Secure your information

We ensure for companies and authorities that information security is very important to them that the virtual user software does not transmit any information over the Internet because it has no access to the Internet. We have sent this guarantee to the requesting companies in a formalized contract on corporate letterhead and sealed.

ربات تلگرام امن


Our licenses

To check the validity of each license, you can click on it and match their information with the official sites

نماد اعتماد الکترونیکی
نشان ملی ثبت رسانه های دیجیتال


Buy SEO Robot

SEO Robot Purchase Form

Tips Before Buying

Click to see tips before buying   Tips Before Buying...

Important Tips Before Buying
  • شماره سریال برنامه اجرا کننده نرم افزار کاربر مجازی قابل انتقال یا جابه جایی نیست

    The robot you buy is permanently usable, but it will be free up to 1 year. after thisone year is over, the robot you bought will still be usable and will not crash.

  • شماره سریال برنامه اجرا کننده نرم افزار کاربر مجازی قابل انتقال یا جابه جایی نیست

    The executable program serial number provided with the robot is usable only for one system / server and is in no way portable or transferable to another system / server. It can also be revoked in any way and transferred to another system / server. Of course, switching Windows on the same system / server will not be a problem for the serial number and will be reusable.

  • شماره سریال برنامه اجرا کننده نرم افزار کاربر مجازی قابل انتقال یا جابه جایی نیست

    SEO robot can only be used on one domain This restriction does not include subdomains of the same domain

  • هنگام استفاده از ربات سئو کاربر مجازی، ماوس و کیبورد سیستم شما قابل استفاده نخواهد بود

    When operating the virtual software robots on this robot, your mouse and keyboard are busy and cannot be used by yourself, so you must pause the robot to use the system.


SEO Robot

ربات سئو
  • Since you need to set up your domain to use this robot, send a message to @vuser_support_seo on the telegram to take action.

Post Buying Tips

هدیه نرم افزار کاربر مجازی و ربات سئو

Special gift for the robot buyers Seo and Alexa upgrade

29 dollars discount on other products

We have designed the virtual robot software sales mechanism so that having a serial number can be used on all products (on one computer), that is, after purchasing a SEO and Alexa upgrade robot including a number. Serial, if you want to buy another robot (like Instagram robot , bulk messaging package , web extraction robot , etc) and use the same computer you won't need a new serial number. And you can get discounts on the next 29 USD!


SEO Robot Changes

نسخه 3.4 (1398/08/09)

ویژگی های جدید

اضافه شدن قابلیت سرچ چند کلمه کلیدی

اضافه شدن قابلیت سرچ عبارات طولانی


بهبود عملکرد ست کردن پروکسی در فایرفاکس

نسخه 3.0 (1398/04/25)

اولین نسخه منتشر شده در داخل سایت کاربری مجازی (همین سایت)



We can handle your SEO services...

  • We can optimize any site with whatever programming it has to suit the same type of programming so that it gets ratings from reputable sites around the world such as GTmetrix that quickly load and optimize your site, Get the highest scores.
  • We can link any site with any programming it has to Google Webmaster, introduce the site map to Google Webmaster and override all Google Webmaster errors and suggestions.
  • We can link any site with any programming it has with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager and apply customizations to the structure of your site.
  • We can customize any site with whatever programming it has so that it can display the types of Google Structure data you want.
  • We can optimize Google AdWords settings to fit your site's content and your advertising goals.
  • We can link all of Google's tools including Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, Google Tag Manager, etc. to provide the best possible feedback to your site.
  • We can optimize your site for scrolling Google search robots.

Chat with us @vuser_support_seo on the telegram if you would like to use our service.

contact us

Contact info for our official site support

پشتیبانی نرم افزار کاربر مجازی
Our Telegram ID: @vuser_support
Telegram line number: 09028176192
Company Phone Number: 28424347-021
Response time 8:30 to 17

Contact information for SEO consultant and expert

پشتیبانی نرم افزار کاربر مجازی
ID Telegram: @vuser_support_seo
Telegram line number: 09111009334
Phone Call: 09111009334
Phone answering from 14pm to 23pm