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The Only Permanent Data Scraper That Has No Limitations

Currently Active and successfully tested on2021/07/19
Latest version: 3.4History of previous versions and change logs

This Bot can…

Extract the pictures and other information from different websites

Watch how the Bot works

Virtual User Web Scraping Bot Package in Action
Virtual User Web Scraping Bot Package in Action

Is it worth to buy the Web Scraping Bot Package?

Because most of the websites that this Bot supports have different categories of subjects, the extracted information can be very close to your target market. Therefore, using the extracted data for advertising campaigns or sales calls can lead to more sales for your service or product. Surely by finding new customers and selling more services or products, you will get much more profit in comparison with the price of this package.

Lifetime License / No Limitations

Free updates for 1 year / 10 € to renew updates for a year

Including 1 Permanent Serial Number

VIP Tutorials and Tips in the package

Bypassing Different Restrictions

Web Scraping Bot Package has a lot of features to bypass common restrictions…

  • If the target website has Captcha, the Bot can solve it like a human. Supported captchas are mentioned in the following sections
  • If the target site limits the amount of data that can be extracted, the Bot can automatically get the whole information by each account. For example, you can configure the Bot to login using different SIM cards and doesn’t need to verify using SMS
  • If the target site limits the amount of data that can be extracted for each IP address, the Bot can use the proxy servers that you configure and change the IP of your system. It also can reset the internet connection to get a new IP address.
Bypassing Different Restrictions
You can sort and filter the extracted data

You can sort and filter the extracted data

Click on the following button to see a sample of extracted data..

Screenshots of the Web Scraping Bot Package

Contents of the Web Scraping Bot Package
Web Scraping Bot in action
Web Scraping Bot video toturial
An excel output of the extracted data
Pictures Downloaded by the Web Scraping Bot

Web Scraping Bot Package Demo

Before the purchase, you can test our Web Scraping Bot Package and make sure that it works on your system
Filename Size Action 10MB Download
How to download and use the package View


  • Windows (7 to 10 ,Server 2003-2016)FireFox Latest Version Firefox (Latest Version)
Download the trial Version

Run at the Same Time to

Increase Bot Speed

The Web Scraping Bot package has the ability to be run multiple times on one system therefore, you can copy the files of this Bot on multiple folders, and then run them with different configurations, so that they run simultaneously, and increase the speed of the operation. To use this feature, you should be careful to copy all the folders of the package to a different location, and then run the Bots of every folder separately, with a separate Player.

To increase the speed of the Robot

Features of the Web Scraping Bot Package

1 Ability to Extract data from the page that you specify

For example, you choose a specific category from and filter your selection; then, you configure the Bot to extract the data from that specific page

2 Categorization of the extracted data in the excel output
3 Ability to use the Bot 24/7 by running it on VPSs or personal systems
4 Ability to bypass common restrictions

Solving captchas, automated logins, and …

5 Ability to specify the number of pages to be extracted
6 It can function on low-end systems with old Windows (Windows XP)
7 Ability to run on a specific time

The system must be powered on at the specified time.

8 One time payment for a permanent license
9 Fast Data Scraping
درگیر نشدن ماوس و کیبورد هنگام کار ربات

Our Web Scraper Bot does not use system's mouse and keyboard

While the Bot is scraping the data, you can use the system for your other tasks.

Web Scraping Bot Package Support

Our Web Scraping Bots are fully automated and do not require special training or support. Therefore, they only need to be updated when the target websites update their appearances, and these new updates interfere with Bots’ processes. In these circumstances, we will update the Bots, and in a couple of days, the new versions will become available, which will be compatible with the target websites. All things considered, developing or updating Web Scraping Bot Package (due to the strength of the Virtual User Software) is a routine and easy task for our organization.

Web Scraping Bot Package Support
Permanent and no need for a monthly payment

Lifetime License and No Monthly Payments

Just by one payment, you can use the Web Scraping Bot Package permanently…

Frequently Asked Questions about the Web Scraping Bot

How fast does the Bot work?
Due to its optimized and progressive algorithms, our Bot is very fast in performing its actions. But performing task depends on some other factors as well; factors such as the speed of the system, the speed of the internet connections, the speed of loading web pages, and most importantly, the limitations of the target website, have more significant effects on the speed of the whole process. For example, some websites limit the amount of data that can be extracted in one single session; to overcome this, our Bot has to close the page and open it again so it can extract all the required data, and this slows the whole process. These factors, and the ones that are in the same category as these, have the main role in determining the speed of the operation. All things considered, the Bot has a very good speed in extracting data from different websites.
Will your Bot work if the target websites update their appearances?
Yes, because we continuously update our Bot, it will become compatible with the new updates in 1 to 3 days.
Do I need to pay additional charges after the purchase?
No, no more payments are required. The Web Scraping Bot package is sold permanently, and its updates are also free for 1 year. After 1 year, you just need to pay the price of the update.
On how many servers or computers can I use the purchased license?
At the moment, each license is issued for a single Computer (or Server). If you want to use the application on more systems, you need to buy additional licenses. Also, note that the purchased license can not be deleted or transferred, and you need to be careful that on which system you"re activating the license.
Can I use this application on a Virtual Server (VPS)?
Yes. We recommend to use the software on a personal computer, but the software will run on all the versions of the Windows that run on Virtual Servers. The only requirement for these servers is that they should support VNC or VMware Client. For more information you can refer to the guidelines regarding the usage of the software on Virtual Servers (VPS).

Order a Web Scraping Bot Package for a Special Target Website

Developing a customized bot that extracts the data from a specific website

Designing Customized and Special Bots to Extract Data

As you probably know, our application performs all of its tasks on the screen and can not perform tasks in the background. therefore, only if the target website displays the information to the public, we are able to create a Bot that extracts them. The special/customized Bots that are designed and developed just for you are similar to the Web Scraping Bots of the Package, in action and in ease of use.

Order an Web Scraping Bots of the Package for a Special Target Website
بهترین ربات استخراج اطلاعات از سایت ها

Extracting all the data of the page

The bot extracts all the data that are on the page, and not just the images

The Security of your Information is Guaranteed

No information is sent to us

For companies and organizations that care a lot about their information security, we guarantee that the virtual user software does not transfer any information through the internet because it works offline. We have provided this guarantee on a legally binding contract in company letterheads and signature, and we can send a copy of this contract if a company or organization requests it.


Purchase the Web Data Scraping Bot Package

After Purchase

The download link immediately becomes available after purchase After the purchase, the download link will be added to your User Panel on the website. To access this link, first, you need to enter your username and password and log in to the User Panel (the default username and password is the email address and phone number that you have entered in the purchase box), and then, go to the Download purchased products section. We have also the list of all the folders that you will have after downloading the full version of Web Scraping Bot Package. Special Tutorial Videos of the Full Version For the Full version of the 'Web Scraping Bot Package', we have made a special tutorial video, which is different from its Demo version. This video is in the __Tutorial Videos__ folder Web Scraping Bot Package. However, the package that you download is a compressed file, and to access its contents, first, you need to extract it. By watching and following all the steps that are shown in the tutorial video, you can easily install Web Scraping Bot Package and use all of its features. In addition to this video, there are some PDF files in the folders of each of the macros, that describe the usage and additional notes that are specific to each macro and the contents of each folder. Purchase other Products for Half of the Price (on the same system) We have designed the Software License of our products in a way that if you activate just one of them in your system, the other products will no longer need to be activated, and you will not need to purchase the serial number. In other words, you can use the same activation code for our other products on the same system. The price of each package is a combination of the prices of bots that are included in the package and the price of 1 serial number (activation code), and as we mentioned, you will no longer need to pay the price of the serial number. Support for the Initial Setup phase By support, we mean solving software problems, and teaching is not a part of it. That being said, if you need our help in the initial phases of using the bots, we will be at your service and you don’t need to worry about it. Support for Solving Software Problems About solving the issues that might happen with the software and the updates, you can check the “Change Log” section at the bottom of this page to see how active our company is on this matter.

Web Scraping Bot Package Change Log

Currently Active and successfully tested on2021/07/19 Latest version: 3.4History of previous versions and change logs

24 November 2019

First Version 1.0

The first version of the WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender Package Click to see the full list... Click to see the full list...

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