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Inserting Comments & Backlinks Bot Package

With the Ability to Solve Captchas and Get Back Links

Activated and successfully tested on Tuesday 2021-02-23

With this Bot

What can be done?

Automatically Insert Your Comments

On the Contact Us pages of the websites

Comments’ sections of the websites

Collecting Links from Google Based on Subjects

The Inserting Comments & Backlinks Bot in Action

How the Inserting Comments & Backlinks Bot Works
Watch How the Robot Works
It’s very easy to use

Is it worth buying the Inserting Comments & Backlinks Bot Package?

By using this Inserting comments Bot, in addition to the direct advertisement of your products or services to the owners of a website, you will have the ability to get backlinks. As you surely know, backlinks are one the most effective and obviously most expensive methods of search engine optimization (SEO). Getting just 1 backlink, from a site with high domain authority, costs more than a 100$! If you constantly use this 49 € Bot package for just 1 month, you will definitely get backlinks that can worth hundreds of dollars!

Life time license / No limits on the number of messages

Free Updates For 1 Year / Renew updates with 5.95 € for a year

Includes 1 lifetime license of the software

VIP tutorials inside the package

Only 49 € Purchase page

The price: 49 € with a limited 40% discount coupon: 29 € Discount code in the Purchase page

Why this bot is not a Spammer

In the concept of commenting, you will be considered a Spammer or an Annoying person when:
You comment on a page that is not related to the contents of the comment Or
You comment the same message on the same website or page, on multiple places.
We have designed the Inserting Comments & Backlinks Bot in a way that avoids annoying behavior and inserting repeated comments
The Bot can Google the keywords you specify and find the relevant websites, and if you use this feature well, the messages that you send will always be relevant to the topics of the page. In addition to that, we have implemented a blacklist feature in the Inserting Comments & Backlinks Bot, so that once the messages have been successfully sent, the name of the website is added to this blacklist, and in the future runs, this website will be avoided.
Using these features, you can build a successful and reasonable advertisement campaign that is based on comments.

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About getting the best results and solving CAPTCHAs

Can this bot be used for SEO and getting backlinks?

Anything that you add as the text of the comment, will be inserted by the Inserting Comments & Backlinks Bot Package; Therefore, if you own a website, you can insert its link in the comment text, and then by posting that comment, you will receive a backlink for your website. Of course, whether the comment will be shown or not, depends on the admins of the target website and on their sensitivity about it. There are a lot of websites that do not monitor their comments sections, hence if you find the appropriate websites, you can get a lot of backlinks for your own website.

Inserting Comments & Backlinks Bot Package can used for SEO and getting Backlinks

Supported CAPTCHAs

The Inserting Comments & Backlinks Bot Package can solve Two of the Most Common CAPTCHAs:

Image Captchas

Image Captchas

I’m not a Robot Captchas

I’m not a Robot Captchas

Important Note: Solving the CAPTCHAs is not free, but it is very cheap. With just 1$ you will be able to solve about 4000 CAPTCHAs.
The guidelines about solving the CAPTCHAs are included in The Inserting Comments & Backlinks Bot Package

Inserting Comments & Backlinks Bot Demo

Before the purchase, you can test our Bot and make sure that it works on your system
Filename Size Action 13MB Download
Tips for downloading and using the package View


  • Windows (7 تا 10 ,Server 2003-2016)Latest Firefox Firefox (Latest Version)
Download the trial Version

Screenshots of the Inserting Comments & Backlinks Bot Package

Contents of The Inserting Comments & Backlinks Bot Package
Written guidelines about using the Robot
Video tutorials that are included in the package
The Settings & Text excel file

Run at the Same Time to

Increase The Bot’s Speed

Inserting Comments & Backlinks Bot Package has the ability to be run multiple times on one system. therefore, you can copy the files of this Bot on multiple folders, and then run them with different configurations, so that they run simultaneously, and increase the speed of the operation. To use this feature, you should be careful to copy all the folders of Bot package to a different location, and then run the Macros of every folder separately, with a separate player.

To increase the speed of the Bot

Some of the features of the Inserting Comments & Backlinks Bot Package

1 Ability to extract Google links by searching the keywords that you specify
2 The ability to solve common CAPTCHAs. More information
3 The ability to insert messages in the Contact Us pages of the websites
4 The ability to insert messages in the comments section of the websites
5 Fully automated, without locking mouse or keyboard
6 Automatically ignoring unconventional websites (continuous execution)
7 The ability to fill all the required fields to insert the comments
8 Has a blacklist (Avoids repeated comments on a single page/website)
9 The ability to comment on sites with various languages.
10 Permanent, No limitations, one-time payment.

Contents of the Full Version of the Inserting Comments & Backlinks Bot Package

After purchasing the full version of Bot package, you will have access to the following files


_Tutorial Videos_

There are a couple of videos in this folder. The first video is important, since it describes how you can use all the features of the Bot package. We recommend that you watch this one first. Other videos are for special scenarios. About the 3rd video you need to note that it is for when you want to hide some of your information in a link, so that when the user clicks on that link, that hidden part becomes visible.

Inserting Comments & Backlinks Bot Package

This is the folder that contains the Main Bot. This Bot will send the messages to a list of links that you provide.

The mouse & keyboard of your system will be free

The mouse & keyboard of your system will not be locked

While the Bot is working, you can use the mouse & keyboard of your system, and work on your other task.

The Support of the Inserting Comments & Backlinks Bot Package

If you need any help, we will be by your side at all the steps of the initial setup (i.e. until the end of the initial setup, the support is free). After the initial installation, if you need additional help, or if you need to customize some parts of the bots, extra charges will be applied (and this is based on how complicated and time-consuming the job is). Will the virtual user software work correctly when internet browsers update? The bots which we've made using the vUser software are developed according to the current appearance and functions of the browsers, and as long as these appearances and functions do not change, the bots will continue to work. However, if they do change in a future update and our settings stop working, within a few days after the update, new settings will become available. If internet browsers change too much, additional update fees may apply.

The Support of the Commenter bot

FAQ About the Inserting Comments & Backlinks Bot Package

To solve captchas, you need to pay an additional fee. However, this is not that much and for just 1$, you can solve about 4000 captchas.
The necessary information about it is included in the Inserting Comments & Backlinks Bot Package.

At the moment, the licenses are issued to one user, and can be used on just 1 system. If you want to run the application on more than 1 system, you need to purchase 1 license for each additional system. Also, please note that once you have activated the license on one system, there is no way to deactivate or transfer it to another system.
Therefore, you need to be careful on which system you’re activating the software.

Yes, even though we recommend that you use this software on a personal system, the software has the ability to run on all the versions of windows that can be installed on Virtual Servers.

In general, the average speed of the bot is as follows:
Commenting speed = On average, 180 seconds for each website / Success rate = above 50 percent.

Yes, since the mouse and keyboard of the system are not locked during the Bot execution, as long as your system is able to run multiple Bots, you can run multiple Bots on one system.

The Security of your Information is Guaranteed

No information is sent to us

For companies and organizations that care a lot about their information security, we guarantee that the virtual user software does not transfer any information through the internet because it works offline. We have provided this guarantee on a legally binding contract in company letterheads and signature, and we can send a copy of this contract if a company or organization requests it.


Purchase Inserting Comments & Backlinks Bot Package

Inserting Comments & Backlinks Bot Package Change Log

Activated and successfully tested on Tuesday 2021-02-23

nothing matter

24 October

Version 1.3

Bug Fixes

Added the HTTP to the beginning of the links that are saved without a transfer protocol

Making the Bot compatible with the version of the Player application

Making the Commenter Bot compatible with most of the websites

nothing matter

30 September

Version 1.2

New Features

Added the “How to acquire a Token from 2Captcha website” video Tutorial

Added the http to the links that don’t have it for the “Extract Contact Us Page Links” Bot

Bug Fixes

Improving and increasing the speed of the “Extract Contact Up Page Links” Bot

Updating the Player application to the 8.2 Version

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