Golden Support for Sending Bulk Instagram DMs

Time-Limited Service
WhatsApp Bulk Messaging Golden Support

In this type of support, you hire an Instagram DM expert to manage the tasks of sending bulk DMs on Instagram for you. The support person uses your VPS or system, the Instagram Bulk DM Sender Bot and Instagram accounts (which you have purchased yourself) and sends between 20 and 30 thousand direct messages to the list of your target usernames per month.

Price 89 €
WhatsApp Bulk Messaging Golden Support
Cost-Effective Compared to Outsourcing Messaging
Cost-effective Compared to Outsourcing Messaging
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90% of the Messaging Procedure Done by the Support Person
90% of the Work Done by the Support Person
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Prerequisites and Procedure of Instagram Bulk Direct Messaging Golden Support

What should you provide for the support?

After consulting with the support, do the following: The service you purchased will be placed in the “Follow up Purchased Services” section of your user panel with a link to a ticket to follow up your order. Register on the v-User website and purchase the Instagram Bulk DM Sender software from here. provide a VPS as the support person recommended and give the support person access to it. After consulting with the support, create as many Instagram accounts as you need. You can buy any number of Instagram accounts from here. After consulting with the support person and from their approved website, buy the required number of proxies and provide them to the support person. Provide the support person with a list of the target usernames or a target page (after consulting with the support person) whose followers will be extracted to receive your DMs.

What does the support do for you?

The support person does the following for you Log into your account in the v-User website to go to your user panel. From the ticket link in the “Follow up Purchased Services”, you can follow up your order. launches your VPS. Installs and launches the Instagram Bulk DM Sender Bot on your VPS. Links the Instagram accounts you have prepared to the bot, validates them and removes them from the list if they have any problems. Extracts the usernames of your target page followers and enters your VPS every day, sets the bot and sends your desired DM to the list of target usernames. The support person will provide you with a weekly report of the work done so that you will be fully aware of the progress.

Who is it worth buying for?

If you want to send DMs to your target audience on Instagram every day while spending the minimum amount of time and energy...

Explanation in audio file Audio file text × Audio file transcript If you want to send DMs to your target audience on Instagram every day while spending the minimum amount of time and energy...

Advantages of the Golden Support for Sending Bulk Instagram DMs

Hire experts affordably Save on costs of advertising in Instagram With the Golden Support services, you can entrust the daily bulk direct messaging on Instagram to an expert at the lowest price and reduce your advertising costs Managing accounts & the bot by the support Not getting involved in the messaging process With the Golden Support services, introducing accounts, launchingو setting up, running the bot, and resolving the issues are all the responsibility of the support Sending thousands of advertising Instagram DMs Effective advertising and sales increase with the Golden Support, you are guaranteed that a large number of advertising messages will be directly sent from your Instagram accounts every day No payment for each DM Cost-effective for bulk and continuous daily messaging In Golden Support, you don't pay for each DM that is sent; Therefore, on a large scale, this method is very cost-effective compared to other advertising methods
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Frequently Asked Questions About the Golden Support for Sending Bulk Instagram DMs

Do you guarantee that at the end of the month at least 20 thousand DMs are sent? Important

At the beginning of the work, the support person will inform you of the conditions and resources that are required to send 20-30 thousand DMs. If everything is provided as expected, the support person will send the guaranteed number of the DMs. In case of unexpected circumstances, like some accounts being banned or blocked, you will need to replace it with a new one and give it to the support person, otherwise the support person will not be able to fulfill the expectations. In general, if you are arranged with the support person, there will be no problem.

How long is the Bulk Instagram DM Golden Support period?

Golden Support is for one month, if you want to use the Golden Support services for a longer period, you need to extend it by rebuying it. In fact, every time you purchase the Golden Support Services, you will be able to take advantage of it for 1 month.
For more information, read Types of vUser products Support Services

Is the support person responsible for providing the resources needed for bulk direct messaging (such as VPS, bot, accounts, proxies, etc.)?

No, It is entirely your responsibility to provide the necessary resources for direct messaging, but it is necessary to consult with the support person before purchasing these resources (For example, consult with the support person to buy a VPS with his desired specifications from the websites they approve).

Does the Golden support person handle the whole process of mass direct messaging on Instagram for us?

The Golden support person does 90% of the work. In Golden Support, except for providing the necessary resources, the rest of the affairs such as linking the accounts to the bot, managing the accounts, setting up and running the bot for direct messaging on a daily basis are all on the support; This means that the support person launches your VPS, installs the bot, links the accounts to the bot and manages them, and connects to your VPS every day, applies the necessary configurations in the software, runs the bot and sends the DMs to the list of your target contacts.

Can we add to the number of Instagram accounts in the middle of the Golden Support period?

Yes, you can provide the support person with new Instagram account anytime during the Golden Support period and he will link them to the bot and send DMs using more accounts. This way, the number of DMs that are sent from you will increase.

Can we ask you to extract usernames from a specific business field and send them DMs?

In order to send DMs using the Golden Support services, you need to either provide us with a list of your target contacts' usernames, or specify some specific pages whose followers’ usernames we can extract and send them DMs. Of course, it is better that you consult with our service team to choose the right target page.

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