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Delivery Policy

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The items you buy from the v-User website fall into one of these 2 categories:

  1. v-User products (such as Bot Maker software and robotic packages)
  2. v-User services (such as golden support, silver support and buying accounts on some platforms)

In the following, we will explain to you that after completing the purchase process of each of these items from the v-User website, how you can receive the items you have purchased from us.

Where can we get the products purchased from the v-User website?

Regarding the products, you should keep in mind that our products are downloadable digital goods and immediately after purchasing the download link of the purchased software package, it will be added to your user panel on our website in the Download Purchased Products section. You can enter your user panel using your username and password and download the latest version of the purchased software there.

What is my username and password to enter the user panel on the v-User website?

The default username and password to enter your user panel on the v-User website is the same email address and phone number that you entered in the purchase form. However, if you have registered on our website before purchasing and made your purchase with your registered username, you can login to your user panel using the same username and password that you set during registration and download the purchased product.

Where can I get the serial number to activate the Editor or Player program?

Based on your purchase, you will be given access to generate the serial number of the v-User application or Editor in the user panel. Therefore, by entering the hardware ID of your computer (according to the instruction downloaded inside the software package), you can generate and use the serial number to activate the programs.

What should I do if I have problems downloading or activating the software/bot?

If you are not able to download the purchased software or activate the programs (according to the instructions included in the downloaded software package), you must contact us within 5 days after the purchase date. Otherwise, in our opinion, you have fully received and downloaded the purchased product.

Where can I receive the services purchased from the v-User website?

The delivery policy for the services purchased from the v-user website depends on the type of service. In general, our services fall into 2 categories:

  1. Providing accounts for different platforms such as Instagram, Telegram, Google, etc.
  2. Golden support services for robotic affairs on platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, etc.

In the following, we will describe the process of providing the above services separately.

Account Delivery Policy

Note that before purchasing the accounts, we will inform you of a certain period of time as the time of preparation and delivery of the account. If you agree with it, you will complete your purchase process and make the payment. But after the purchase, we will open a ticket for your purchase and in this ticket, we will send you a more detailed explanation about the account delivery time and rules in a PDF file. We will deliver it to you at the appointed time, and if you do not agree with the items mentioned in the PDF, your order will be automatically canceled within 24 hours and the entire purchase amount you have previously paid will be returned to your account.

Note that the text and link of the ticket will be emailed to you and you can track your purchase by entering your ticket.

What should we do if we have problems logging into the account?

During the purchase process, we guarantee that we will provide you with operational accounts, and the account is considered operational if you can log in to the relevant platform for the first time. After that, we are no longer responsible for the delivered accounts because we will no longer have control over them after entrusting the account access to you; Therefore, after delivering the accounts, it is necessary to check them as soon as possible and inform us if you have any problems logging into the account.

As previously mentioned, in the PDF sent in your ticket after the purchase, you will be informed of more detailed information about how to deliver, test and use the accounts, which you should consider as the main criterion.

Golden Support Delivery Policy

After purchasing the golden support, a ticket will be created for your order and our experts will talk to you there to explain the conditions in detail so that you can finally reach an agreement.
After this agreement, our team will start working and if no agreement is reached, your order will be canceled and the entire amount paid will be returned to your account.

In case of agreement and they will start providing you with the Golden Support services.
Meanwhile, they will usually send you a weekly report in the relevant ticket to inform you about the progress of the work done and the results obtained. Of course, during this time, you can also access the system or VPS on which the work is being performed and make sure that the work is being executed.

Silver Support Delivery Policy

Silver support is intended for those who need faster support or support through a remote connection to the system. Silver support is provided to you up to 1 week after purchase. During this period, your tickets will be answered within a maximum of 3 working hours, and also during this period, the support person is obliged to connect to your system once and solve your problems. It is necessary that you communicate with the support person and coordinate with them the right time for the remote connection to your system.

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