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On the v-User website, we have provided some ways for you, using which you can cooperate in selling our products to make money.

In the following, we have described all methods of affiliate marketing available on our website:

1. Selling with Referral Link

When you register on our website, a referral link will be placed in your user panel (in the Affiliate Marketing section). You can invite your contacts to buy from the v-User website by placing this link on your website or social networks.

affiliate marketing

Thus, if someone makes a purchase on our website through your referral link, we will pay you 25% of the purchase amount as a commission. We will deposit this amount to your PayPal (which you enter in your user panel).

affiliate marketing

Note that the commission is only paid for the purchase of robotic products and does not include services or software licenses.

It is also worth mentioning that in this way; purchases are made directly from our website and we will be responsible for providing support to the buyers.

2. Selling the Robotic Products Files

Another way to earn money from working with us is to sell the v-User robotic products files. You may wonder how you can make money by selling the v-user robotics files!

The bot packages that are sold on our website include two parts: 1- Robotic files 2- The serial number of Player program.

affiliate marketing

Each of these two parts make up half of the price of the package, for example, if the price of the v-User Instagram Bulk DM Sender Bot Package is 60 Euros, half of it, that is, 30 euros is the price of the Player serial number and the other 30 Euros is the price of the bot files included in the package.

Now assume that you have purchased a package (for example, the Instagram Bulk DM Sender Bot Package) and you want to sell it to someone else and make money.

In this case, you can download this product from your user panel and introduce it to your website visitors (or by direct marketing without having any websites) and sell it for 60 Euros. When someone buys it from you, you will not need to pay us this amount (30 Euros), instead all you need to do is buy one Player serial number for the customer's system from our website, the price of which is 30 Euros and deliver it to the customer.

In this way, you only buy the robotic files from us once and sell the bot package with its full price to your customers, while for each sale you will only pay to buy one serial number; And as a result, 50% of each sale will be your profit.

Be careful that in this way of affiliate marketing, you will be responsible for providing services, support and other related matters, because your customers have not actually made a purchase from our website.

Also note that in this way, you offer products under our brand name "v-User" to your customers. If you want to offer the v-User products to your customers without mentioning our name and brand, we have made it possible, which we will explain fully below.

3. Selling the Robotic Products Files with White Label

If you intend to sell our robotic products files without mentioning our name and brand, we have provided you with the following conditions:

  • If you want to remove all the details that are somehow related to our website from the Bot Player program, except for the program icon, (this includes a series of interactions that will be done after the purchase), it will cost you 300 Euros. affiliate marketing
  • If you want to put your desired image (for example, of your brand name and website address), in the first window that appears from the Bot Player program (the license activation window), we can do it for 300 Euros. affiliate marketing
  • If you need instruction and guidance for fully customizing the "Bots User Interface" program, we can do this for 200 Euros. affiliate marketing
  • If you want the serial number of the Bot Player program to be delivered to your customers directly through your own website through the API codes, it will cost you 200 Euros. (This also includes a series of interactions that will be done after the purchase). affiliate marketing

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