Update & Support Time Periods

Update & Support Time Periods

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In the v-User website, a variety of products and services are offered which are divided into 4 different groups regarding their use period, update and support.

In the following, we will explain about each of these 4 groups:

1. Lifetime

The products offered on our website (like the v-User bot maker software or the ready-made bot packages) are lifetime. This means that you pay only once to buy them, and you will get all the updates for free whenever they are released and you will also receive the standard* support services permanently . As a result, you will not need to pay any regular fees to extend the use period.

*There are 3 types of support services for the products you buy from the v-User website. To find more information about each (standard, silver and golden support), read this article: Types of v-User products Support Services .

2. Time-limited

Some of our services (like the silver support or the golden support) are time-limited. This means that they are offered for a certain period of time and once you pay for them, you will be able to receive the services till the end of that period . If you need the services beyond the end of the period, you will have to extend it by rebuying the desired services.

3. One-time

Some of our services, such as Instagram accounts or Telegram virtual numbers, are delivered once. This means that after delivering these items to you, you will have a specific period of time to test them and inform us of any issues so that we can resolve them. For one-time services, no support is provided. In fact, after confirming their functionality during the testing period, we will not be responsible for any future issues that may occur. Please note that after the testing period ends, we will not be responsible for checking and fixing any problems or providing new accounts or virtual numbers.

4. One-time/Time-limited

Some of our services, such as custom bots, can be one-time or with time-limited contract. You can order custom bots with or without time-limited support services. If you order a custom bot without time-limited support services, it will be delivered once and you will be given a testing period (similar to option 3, i.e., one-time delivery option). If you sign a contract for time-limited support with us, it will mean that in addition to delivery and testing, if your custom bot encounters any issues during the specified time in the support contract, we will update and fix the problem for you free of charge according to the terms of the support contract.

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