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For the Virtual User bot maker software

The Virtual User bot maker software has a demo version with two limitations:

  1. The number of commands that you can create/edit/run, is limited to 20 commands.
  2. Any kind of jump from one command to another command is disabled.

Despite the limitations, you can test all your desired actions through the demo version by making actions into small pieces and making sure that the software works according to your expectation before buy it. Whilst the software has an offline lifetime license, and we cannot deactivate it.

So that, due to mentioned reasons, the refund will not be relevant. However, after purchase, if you will face any malfunction that didn’t exist in your tests through the demo version, we will refund you.

For the other ready-made bot packages

Telegram Bulk Sender bot package WhatsApp Bulk Sender bot package Instagram Bulk DM Sender bot package Instagram Follower Booster bot package Twitter Follower Booster bot package Web Data Scraper bot package SEO Booster bot package Auto Commenter bot package

As you may know, our ready-made bots perform their robotic activity on other platforms (For example, our WhatsApp bulk sender bots, work on the WhatsApp platform, our Instagram bots work on the Instagram platform, and so on) given that each of these platforms has its own rules and principles, you should not expect that our software (as a human activities simulator) violates or avoid the rules of these platforms.

For instance, the Telegram platform only allows each account to send messages to 50 strangers per day, not more! In this situation, you cannot expect our Telegram bot to send more messages with one account than the number specified in the Telegram rules. Such a thing is not possible for bots or even humans.

Our money-back guarantee refers to the correct functioning of our software by the rules and principles of the relevant platforms and to the obligations that we have described on our site in the field of software performance.

For example, in the context of the Telegram bot that we mentioned, you can expect that the Telegram bot can receive many different accounts from you and send messages to various people with each account to the number you determine, as well as having the possibility of switching accounts that can go to the next account after completing the sending with one account and advance sending messages automatically.

We have offered a money-back guarantee to show, that we are confident about our products functionally and ensure you that you are buying active and functional software.

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