Purchasing the Serial Number for the Virtual User Software Player program

The Virtual User Software is the main product presented in our website which complete information is described in the Virtual User Software page.

As explained in the introduction video for the virtual user software files, from the 3 programs of the vUser Software, only 2 of them need the serial number, one which is the vUser Player and used for playing the commands and the other is the vUser Editor which is used for editing the commands. Below is a purchase box and activation of the vUser Player. please read the description presented in the Virtual User Software page and the following tips carefully.

Tips before your buy

  • If you intend to buy the software package from our website, you do not need to buy a serial number separately for the vUser Player program, because with each purchase a serial number for the vUser Player program will be charged for you automatically.
  • the vUser Player program is usable permanently, But the free updates are presented for 1 year; of course after the end of a year, the vUser Player works perfectly and does not stop.
  • A serial number will be delivered to you including the package which used for one system only and is not transferable to another system by no means. Of course there will be no problem for the license after changing the Windows and the same serial number works properly for the system.

Purchase box for the vUser Player Serial Number

  • If you intend to purchase the packages of our site, you don't need to purchase a separate serial number of vUser Player program, because by purchasing any package a serial number of the application will automatically charge for you.
  • A virtual user software application is permanently usable,But the free update will be provided to you for up to 1 year, of course, after this year is finished, vUser Player program is still usable and does not fall.
  • The serial number that is offered is only usable for a system, It is not transferable or cannot be moved to another system, Of course when you change Windows system, There is no problem with the serial number and you can reuse the same serial number
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Tips after the purchase

  • The purchase is instant and after making the purchase, your registration in website are done automatically and the username and password for the panel will be texted or emailed to you. At the same time the download links are accessable in you user panel and also you will be able to receive an invoice and a serial number.

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