Purchase the Serial Number of the Player application

The Virtual User Software is our main product, and it's description can be found here: Virtual User Software

Out of the three softwares of the Virtual User Package, two of them require Serial Numbers. One is the Player application (vUser Player) that runs the Robots, and the other is the Editor application (vUser Editor) that can be used to edit the Robots. Here, you can purchase the Serial Number of the Player application. Before making the purchase, please refer to this page , and read the following notes.

Important notes before the purchase

  • while using the Bulk Message Sender package, you can not use the keyboard and mouse of your system

    The Serial Number of the Player application that is included in the package, can only be used on one system, and is by no means transferable to another system. Also, this license can not be disabled on one system and then used on another. But, if you intsall a new version of Windows OS on the same system, the Serial Number will continue to work.

  • the license of the Player application can not be transfer

    Please note One Player serial number is included in each of our side products. Therefore, if you want to purchase products like Telegram Bulk Message Sender Package or the Instagram Robot you don't need to buy an additional Serial Number.

You can use your credit card to make the purchase

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Important notes after the purchase

  • The purchase is done instantly, and immediately after the purchase we will send you all the details. Your email will be set as your username and your phone number will be set as your password. You can use these credentials to Login to the website and use the free updates and access all of your purchased items.