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To bulk message in Telegram, the quality of the virtual SIMs is very important and you had better use high-quality SIMs (like ours) that are delivered as tdata.
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Important Notes Before Purchase

  • Important Notes Before Purchase - 1

    The virtual SIMs that we offer are provided from external sites that have real SIM cards, but since their SIM cards are not (physically) available to us, you should try to maintain them carefully, because they will not be recovered if any trouble occurs.

  • Important Notes Before Purchase - 2

    Virtual SIMs will be delivered in 3 to 5 working days and their service life is usually 2 months. Sometimes, our customers use the virtual SIMs that we offer for 1 year or more without any problems, but do not count on virtual SIMs as permanent ones because their SIM cards are not available to us.

  • Important Notes Before Purchase - 3

    In Telegram bulk messaging, the quality and construction of virtual SIMs is very important, and it is better that you use high-quality SIMs (like ours) that are delivered as T-data.

Telegram Virtual Numbers (T-data)
Telegram Virtual Numbers (T-data)
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Price per Message 0.6 * 10
Online payment and purchase
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After purchase

After purchase

After submitting your order, for making the arrangements, send us the documents of your order in the support chat so that we start to track the order.

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