Important Features

The Virtual User (vUser) Software consists of three programs

vUser Recorder

vUser Recorder

This program is designed to record and save the commands (the Macro file) quickly

vUser Recorder
vUser Editor
vUser Editor

vUser Editor

This program is designed to make changes (to the Macro file) and add new commands to the saved commands list

vUser Player

vUser Player

This program is designed to run the previously recorded and saved commands (the Macro file)

vUser Player
general features of vUser Software

General Features of 3 Programs of Virtual User Software

All the 3 programs are portable and could run anywhere with a simple double-click

  • The Virtual User software has an advanced programming which is so-called Windows API; Software programmed in such technology needs no library (DLL File) or any other side files to run
    As seen in Virtual User software, each of the three .exe files of the software is an Independent program that with no installation could be run with a simple double-click in any folder.
    Another advantage of API based programming is, the software that is developed in such a way would be very low-sized, light and quick. The programs of the Virtual User software are no exception and take about 1 megabytes of space with the least system resources usage and works in a very optimal speed

The vUser Recorder, to quickly record the commands

vUser Recorder

After pressing the “record” button all your movements are intelligently captured and after pressing the "Stop" button, the recorded commands can be saved (in a file)

The vUser Editor, to edit the recorded commands

vUser Editor

The editor’s environment is completely graphical, and works are often done with a few simple clicks and drag & drop.

The vUser Player, to run the commands

vUser Player

The vUser Player intelligently executes the recorded and saved commands.

  • vUser is Compatible with all MS Windows versions

    Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Server 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016

  • vUser Could Also Run on Windows VPS

English User interface and comprehensive guide


The vUser Recorder is totally free and it is possible to purchase the vUser Player and vUser Editor separately so that there is no need for an additional cost to be paid for the systems that do not need vUser Editor. This could be very cost saving if you are willing to use the vUser software in more than one system.

  • The vUser Recorder is so smart that only needs one click to go on the recording mode to learn everything you do on a system and present to you as a Macro file.
  • The vUser Player also due to its high artificial intelligence by getting the macro file containing the learned commands of the vUser recorder, amazingly repeats everything you have done.

In two parts of the vUser Player and vUser Recorder features, more is paid to the abilities of these two smart programs.


The vUser Recorder feature

The vUser Recorder feature

By artificial intelligence, here we mean the abilities that the vUser Recorder has for the automatic and intelligent recording of the commands in different conditions.

Here are some of the vUser Recorder program’s intelligence:

  • Automatically ignoring unnecessary items while recording
    • Recording or not recording the mouse movements are optional
    • Clicks on windows title bar are not recorded
    • Any click anywhere on the vUser Recorder itself is ignored and not recorded
  • Automatic Detection and Saving: windows controls specifications while recording
  • Automatic Detection: keyboard language changes while pressing multiple keys on the keyboard...
  • Automatic and Intelligent Save: Wait for window to open command

    A command that makes: waits for a specific window to open

  • Taking screenshots automatically from each step while recording
  • Set Windows to Stay on Top command (F4 key).

    To always keep a window on top of other windows

  • Get Text from Windows/Control command (F5 key)

    To get the text of a windows or control

  • Set Text into Window/Control command (F6 key)

    To change or write a text in different fields or on windows titles

  • Wait for Windows to Close command (F7 key)

    This makes the vUser software while run -> to wait for a specific window to close

  • Wait for Windows to Open command (F8 key)

    This makes the vUser software while run -> to wait for a specific window to open

  • Check Control Status command (F9 key)

    Used for checking controls different statuses, such as checked or unchecked controls; enabled or disabled controls


The vUser Player Features

The vUser Player Features

By artificial intelligence, here we mean the abilities that the vUser Player has for the automatic and intelligent playing of the commands in different conditions.

Here are some of the vUser Player program’s intelligence:

  • Automatically bringing the target window on top, if it is gone under other windows.
  • Locking the mouse and keyboard momentarily, in order to avoid the possibility of type and click interference with a human user.
  • Moving or changing the size of windows and controls when resolution is changed.
  • Detecting the correct window or control among multiple other windows and controls
  • Automatic adaptation with laptops using HiDpi technology for scaling the screen.

The vUser Editor Features

  • All the edits are possible with clicking on the graphical elements and there is no need for manual editing (writing codes or scripts)
  • Simple and straightforward interface with multiple graphical elements to better separate or categorize different sections and items

This helps the user to easily find out the selected command which is related to what stage of the recording

  • Able to set passwords on the Macro files
  • Able to determine a version for the Macro files
  • Able to Enable or disable the commands
  • Able to put a label on the commands to manage the jumps more comfortably
  • Able to get MS Excel cells values to be used for different purposes
  • Able to set data (text, number and other inputs) into MS Excel files
  • Able to get numbers or texts from the user and use them as text or numerical variables
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