The Best Software for Automating Installation Process

The Virtual User is very capable of automating the installation process of the software. After learning the instalation process from you, It will be able to install the software all by itself automatically in different systems (in various Windows versions or resolutions).

In the following, with two practical examples, we will demonstrate the capabilities of the virtual user software in automating the installation process.

Example 1: Installation Automation of Counter Strike 1.6

Consider automating tge installation process of the famous PC game “Counter Striker 1.6” using Virtual User software in a way that the end user (client) does not involve any installation process (such as click on Next buttons, copying required files and at last putting the game shortcut on the desktop).

In the short video below, you will see how simple and easy it can be to automate the installation of Counter Strike with the help of virtual user software.



As you can see in the tutorial above, you can use the virtual user software to create Auto-Install from all your favorite games or your customers automatically and enjoy an unobtrusive installation.

To view the full tutorial and step by step installation automation for Counter Strike and get the installation Macro file, please refer to the article Installation Automation of Counter Strike game

Example 2: Installation and Configuration Automation of Firebird

Consider automation of installing the Database engine for Firebird (which is a pre-requirement for many accounting programs) in a way that while installation, all settings are selected according to the accounting program and there will no need for us (or our customers) to make any change for installing an accounting program.

In the tutorial below, we'll show you how to fully automate the entire installation process and the settings you need using the virtual user software to complete the final product without the need for installation support.



In the same way you could automate the required engines for your programs (such as DotNetFrameworks, Reporting, SQL Server, etc) and greatly reduce your own or employees support problems.

We try to illustrate with many examples that many software affairs are capable of being automated. We hope that these two examples will be useful to you. If you have any questions or ambiguities in automating your projects, please contact us at

To view the full article and getting the Macro file for the tutorial above please refer to the Installation and Configuration automation of Firebird article


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