In online pages that give reward or point per click (on a specific item), the vUser robot could be used for clicking multiple times on your preferred buttons. the vUser could also does your preferred click on a specific time while you are away on your behalf. This feature could be very useful in online games.

In the following example, we are going to show you how to use vUser software to automate and schedule your clicks (in online games):

Example one: Automation of earnig points and upgrade in an online game (Travian e.g.)

In the following example, using the vUser software, we are going to automate some stages of earning points and upgrades in an online game called (The kings Era). the same could apply for any other online games such as Travian. We are going to set the vUser in a way that on our preferred times (which could be after mid-night) clicks on some items in the game automaticaly.




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