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From displaying similar channels and reposting stories to 9 other new features

Every time Telegram provides a new update, it adds incredible features to its application. If you have used the latest Telegram update, you have noticed some of them. In this article, we will talk about the latest updates of this app, i.e., the ability to display similar channels, repost stories, and 9 other new and attractive features. If you want to understand these features, take advantage of this article.

Show similar channels

Telegram hosts thousands of channels worldwide, each with thousands of daily visitors. Some are new and have been working on this platform for years. The new feature created by this messenger is related to viewing similar channels.

From now on, with a member in each channel, you can see a list of similar channels in the form of suggestions at the end. With this feature, you can find and subscribe to your favorite channels faster. Of course, keep in mind that only public channels with a similar topic will be displayed.

Re-sharing stories

Only a little time has passed since the feature of sharing stories in Telegram, but this platform is giving a lot of maneuvers on the feature of stories. One of the new features is related to re-sharing other people's stories. You can re-share any other person's story with all the details like audio, video, photo, or even posted comments.

Video messaging feature in stories

One of the most attractive features added to the Telegram story section is adding video or video messages to stories. Now, you can include a video message with the stories you post to make them attractive, provide an explanation, or repost more of your thoughts on it.

You can even turn multiple photos into a video as a slideshow, turning each frame into an endless creative expression.

To record a video message in the story, press the camera icon in the stories section and start recording your video message.

Have a colorful profile

If you are among the users of the premium version of Telegram, you can now have a colored profile. In addition to using a different color for sending messages in groups or one-on-one chats, you can now personalize your profile section and use attractive colors. You can even create unique color combinations.

Apply wallpaper for both sides of the chat.

Another feature available to premium users is the ability to personalize their chats. You can choose a wallpaper for your chat and apply it to both sides. This makes it easier to recognize the conversation and can even indicate your favorite topics.

Convert audio to text.

Premium version users can now convert sounds to text. You can even translate a voice message from one language to another. Of course, you can only use this feature two times a week, and it is only available to some now. However, it will be activated for all users over time.

Statistics of stories for channels

All channels that enable story sharing can now see their stories' statistics. This section makes it easier for you to analyze stories, and you can check their performance well.

Custom reactions to channel posts

This year, the channels experienced attractive and unique features. As an administrator of a channel, you can now add custom emojis to the reaction section of channel posts, and you can also have a graph of the number of reactions and detailed statistics about them. In this way, you can find out how popular each post is and which emojis your channel users liked as a reaction.

Highlight the code in the sent messages

Thanks to a recent coding contest on Telegram, the messenger can now detect and identify lines of code in your sent messages. Now, it is possible to detect the code format and its language. For example, you can see the difference between Java and C# code.

Improvements for topics

The Telegram app allows you to view groups as messages or topics, and you can choose how to view the group. Whichever you choose, the app will save it as your default preference.

Thanos snap effect

Indeed, you all know Thanos and snap it. With a snap, everything was removed and destroyed. In the iOS version, Telegram uses a beautiful animation called Thanos' snap effect to delete messages automatically.
Messages with a timer to delete will disappear after the specified time and turn into millions of pixels.


Notable Telegram updates always make us more involved in using this messenger. Every day, there are more opportunities to improve this program. In this article, we mentioned 11 exciting and at the same time fun features that were recently added to Telegram. You can use them and enjoy them. If you want the latest news about social networks, follow us.

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