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How to clear the cache created in the Google Chrome browser?

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What is cache and what is the use of it?
Cache refers to a set of files that is stored in your system when you visit different pages of websites by the browser. As a result of the existence of cache in your system, these files will not be downloaded again when you visit the same webpages the next times. Obviously, these files take up some space on your system hard drive, but this technology makes the reloading speed of the webpages much faster in your system. In short, the browser cache helps the pages that you have already visited to open much faster next time.

Although cache does not occupy much space, do we really need to clear it?
Actually, we have provided this post regarding a special scenario.
The space that your browser cache occupies on your personal system may not be too large to make you clear it, but if you use the vUser profile-creating bots (such as our WhatsApp Bulk Sender or our Instagram Bulk DM Sender) and have multiple profiles (accounts) introduced to the bot (especially in a VPS that has limited hard drive space) after a while, due to browsing different webpages, a huge amount of space drive will be occupied by cache on your system hard drive and you will need to clear the browser cache (which is created separately for each account) to free up your system space.

Altogether, you can delete the space occupied by the Chrome browsing cache according to the steps described below...

How to Clear the Google Chrome Browser Cache

To clear the Chrome browser cache, just follow these steps:

Step 1
If you want to clear the cache information of an account that you have introduced to the bot, you must open the desired account with the bot and temporarily pause the bot running so that the Chrome browser remains open.
This method can also be used for normal cases when you want to clear the Chrome browser cache. In that case, you just need to open your Chrome browser.

Step 2
Press Ctrl+Shift+Del keys at the same time.

Step 3
A new window opens, which is titled "Clear browsing data", check the "Browsing history" and "Cached images & files" options. Finally, press the "Clear data" button to clear the cache and free up the space it occupies. Note that you need to set the Time range on All time.
How to clear the cache created in the Google Chrome browser?
Be careful not to activate the Cookies & other site data option because activating this option will erase all login information (username and passwords stored in the browser) and your account profile will be lost.

Note that for profile-making bots, you must go through all the above-mentioned steps for each account that you have linked to your bot and do the same on the Chrome browser related to that account, to clear the space cached by Chrome due to the activity of the bot with each of your accounts.

Instead of using the shortcut key that we explained in step 2, you can enter the Setting page from the (  ) icon on the upper right side of the Chrome browser, then the Privacy & Security section and click the Clear browsing data option.

Wrapping Up
Although browser cache accelerates reloading of the webpage that have been visited before on the same browser, it occupies a considerable amount of your hard drive space especially if you use our profile-making bots. To free up this space, you can clear the browser cache, which has been explained in this post for Google Chrome.

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