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Types de produits vUser et services de support

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In general, we provide 3 types of support for our products, and while purchasing any of the vUser robotic products, you are asked, in the purchase form, to specify the type of support services you want to receive for that product.
In the following, we will introduce each type and the services provided for each so that you can easily choose the type of support you need:

Le support normal est gratuit et à vie.
Dans ce type de support, vous pouvez nous poser vos questions techniques dans les tickets et nous y répondronsdans les 48 heures ouvrablestout au plus. Dans ce type de support, l'assistance téléphonique et la connexion à distance au système ne sont pas fournies.

Silver support is intended for those who, for any reason, need faster and more specific support. If you are facing a problem in your system that has disrupted the operation of bots and you need the support person to connect to your system remotely, you can purchase this type of support. Silver support is offered for une semaine, dans lequel la personne d'assistance sera connectée à distance à votre système une seule foisgratuitementand if you have a problem, it will be solved on your system; Also, during the one week period of this support, your tickets will be answered dans un délai de 3 heures ouvrablesau maximum.

Golden support includes special services that are provided for some of our products and are intended for customers who need to use the bot but do not want to get involved in working with it; Therefore, in golden support, we have provided the chance so that pendant 1 mois 90 % des tâches étaient liées à la configuration et à l'exécution des robots et à la fourniture des avantagessoient effectuées par le support au quotidien et l'utilisateur ne se souciera pas du tout du bon avancement des affaires.

Le tableau des services offerts dans chacun des 3 types de soutien

  Normal Support Support normal Silver Support Support argenté Golden Support Support doré
Durée du service 1 an 1 semaine 1 mois
Prix gratuit 19 euros 89 Euros
Telephone Support ** Non Non Oui
Remote Connection ** Non,comprend des frais séparés Ouiune seule fois OuiLa majeure partie du travail est réalisée par le support
Support en ligne En ticket,répondu dans un délai maximum de 48 heures ouvrées En ticket,répondu dans un délai maximum de 3 heures ouvrées La majeure partie du travail est réalisée par le support

*Pourquoi l'assistance téléphonique n'est pas fournie

If a product does not work properly in your system, it is usually caused by the way it is executed, configured, or the conditions in your system, and we must check the conditions and the steps of configuration and the execution of the software in the photos(screenshots) or videos (screen records) you send us so that we can find the problem. As a result, a phone call will not help to find the problem and will only waste the time of the both parties.

**Prix de la connexion à distance

In normal support, first you take a video of how to set up and run the bot and send it to the support so that he can see the video to check the case. And only if, according to the expert's discretion, remote connection to your system is required to solve the problem, our experts will connect to your system for free and check the problem . Sinon, si VOUS souhaitez que nos experts se connectent à distance à votre système, vous devez acheter Silver Supportpour 1 connexion horaireou payer 9 euros pour 10 minutes de connexion à distance.payez 9 euros pour 10 minutes de connexion à distance.

Restez patient lorsque les produits sont mis à jour
As you know, our robotic software is designed based on the target platform (for example, the Instagram bot is designed based on the appearance and functions of the Instagram website on the same date); Therefore, as long as the appearance and the performance of the target platform does not change, our software will continue to work smoothly without any problems. But if for any reason the target platform undergoes changes that disrupt the performance of the software, we will update our software and make it available to you in the shortest possible time . But sometimes these modifications may take more than a few days, or sometimes the target platform may experience internal disturbances that are beyond our control; During this time, your patience will cause the higher concentration of our technical team and ultimately increase the speed and accuracy of the final work that is presented to you.

According to the points raised on this page, you can choose the type of support you want and if you want to use silver or gold support, you can do it (either while purchasing the product or even after it whenever you feel the need)

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