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An Important Tip to Use the SEO Bot SEO Booster Bot Package

Essential principles you should follow while using SEO Bots

  1. Search engines must not detect you as the owner of the target website that is using the SEO booster tools, which means you should not use these tools directly on the same computers that you used to use for Google services like Gmail, Google Webmaster Console, Google Analytics, etc. related to the target website. For example, Think of your work office computer; you are probably checking your Email on this computer, which is also the same Email address that has been registered as the manager in your Google Webmaster Console; in this case, since Google will collect these type of links and connections in its database, it will relate every activity on this computer to you and your website, so if you use any SEO booster bot on this computer, Google will conclude that you are trying to boost your Website’s SEO abnormally. What we mean by not detecting you is that search engines must be unable to reach you, as the website owner, in any way from the information inside your system. You can create a Virtual Machine (with Windows OS) using software like VMware, or you can use VPS (with Windows OS) so there is no trace of you in it.
  2. Be sure to use proxies to use the SEO booster bots because each proxy has its unique IP address, and using them causes each visit to your website (done by the bot) to look like a unique and different visit, which means that somehow different real people are visiting your website.
    • Using dedicated proxies will have the best results. As public and free proxies are used by many people for different and unknown purposes, using them will make search engines suspicious of your visits and are not suitable for the purpose.
    • After the purchased proxies expire, do not renew proxies with the same IP address; most proxy service providers can give you new proxies with different IP addresses for each renewal.
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