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Tips and Tricks to Avoid Getting Blocked on Twitter Twitter Follower Booster Bot Package

How to Avoid Getting Action Blocked

  1. In general, try not to use any of the external tools or software that require your account password to provide services, because they may perform some activities and cause problems for you that would not be compensated.
  2. As we mentioned in the article Twitter's General Algorithm , the more valid your account is and the more positive points it has, the less sensitive Twitter is to it and the less likely it will be blocked; Therefore, we recommend that you validate your Twitter account before doing bulk interactive and promotional activities on Twitter (read the last point of this booklet for validation).
  3. Try to have human-like behavior and don't repeat a certain process over and over again! Normally, no one visits a specific page (for example, the Nike page) to follow its’ followers! Or no one searches for a particular hashtag every day to like its posts. In general, you should know that Twitter monitors the behavior of users and by recording and comparing the reports of your actions, it can put together the repetitive processes you perform in different time periods and fine you if you see suspicious repetitions! As a result, when setting the cycle-maker bot, consider several hashtags and several target pages and use a different hashtag or a different target page every hour (meaning in each line of the cycler-maker bot setting). Meaning that if you want to follow 200 followers of page X and you have targeted 20 of his followers for today in one hour, do not go to page X in the cycler-maker bot settings for 1 or 2 days and follow the set the bot to follow next 20 people for 1 or 2 days later (i.e. every other day).
    We also recommend that you don't always put a fixed number for an action; For example, don't always set the number of people to be followed on 20, try to change this amount every time you want to run the bot so that this behavior is not exactly repeated every time.
  4. On the Twitter official website, it’s been subtly mentioned that if you perform activities with an unnatural speed, your account will be action blocked; Be very careful in this field and plan the activities of the bot exactly like a human.
  5. Twitter, like other social networks, imposes limits on the number of activities that each account can do per hour and per day. As we said in the Twitter General Algorithm article, based on your account history (score and credit) Twitter limits your account activities. We have mentioned the number limits in another file named Twitter Daily and Hourly Limitations , and to know the exact numbers, you should refer to the table in that file. Here we describe only the factors that can increase the positive score of your Twitter account
    • If more time has passed since the creation of your account; That is, the older your account is, the more points it will have.
    • If you post a photo for your profile and complete all the information in your profile.
    • If you spend hours on Twitter daily doing various activities such as visiting the feed, like posts and replying.
    • If you tweet regularly on your Twitter page.
    • If more people interact with you; For example, they have followed you or liked and replied to your tweets.
  6. Be careful that Twitter is sensitive to your IP, and if your IP suddenly changes from one country to another, it may cause action blocking
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