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The General Algorithm of Twitter to Limiting the Users’ Activities Twitter Follower Booster Bot Package

The General Algorithm of Twitter to Limiting the Users’ Activities

As you probably know, most social networks (such as Twitter) impose limits on the number of activities a user can do on their platform. For example, Twitter allows you to follow a maximum of 20 per hour, and if you follow more than this amount, Twitter does not impose the additional number and would not consider that. Having said that, for accounts that have just joined Twitter, this amount (the number of people you can follow per hour) will be limited to 5; Meaning that these limits are different for each account. Now the point is, how has Twitter designed the algorithm for these strange restrictions that are different for each user!?

Twitter has designed a scoring or validation system for each user (each account) through which it can determine restrictions specified to them.

Let’s clarify this issue with a simple example, you can see that Twitter has a scoring algorithm exactly similar to the scoring algorithm of video games. You may probably know that in video games, after the player goes through a series of steps, he can collect points and level up, and at the same time, a number of achievements (which were previously locked) are free for him now. For example, new features like stronger weapons, a more attractive appearance, etc., which did not exist before, are available to the player (after going through the steps). Twitter also works in exactly the same way, meaning that, for the steps you go through, for example, the number of followers you get or complete your profile, or even the time you spend on it, a series of restrictions are removed from your account and It reduces the number of restrictions and may also provide you with a series of new items.

Remember this scoring system, which is directly related to the limit of your activities. This system exists in many famous social networks and even popular messengers such as WhatsApp in exactly the same way.

This scoring system will help you in performing all Twitter activities If you have a newly established account, you can follow up to 5 people per hour with this account, this amount is really low. But if you increase the score (validity) of your account in different ways and make it valid, that account will be leveled up on Twitter and you can follow more people daily (up to 20 people per hour) without facing Twitter restrictions (such as your accounts getting blocked and banned).

In this article, we just explained the scoring algorithm. If you want to know how you can increase the score of your account in a short time, refer to the article Tips and Tricks to Avoid Getting Reported and blocked .

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