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Tips and Tricks to Avoid Getting Spammed in Sending Bulk Emails Bulk Email Sender Bot Package

Tips & Tricks to Avoid Getting Spammed in Sending Bulk Emails

When sending bulk emails, be aware that if the email service platform (e.g. Google) finds out that your emails are advertising, they will spam your account, which causes the account to lose its value because all the emails sent from that account will be delivered to the spam box and the chances of them being notices and seen will greatly reduce.

Using some tricks, you can significantly reduce the possibility of your accounts being spammed and thus increase the efficiency of your email advertising campaigns.

  1. For accounts that are newly established (that not a long period of time has passed since the date they were created), before you start using these accounts to send bulk emails, make sure to spend some time collecting points and validating the accounts and make sure that your account score is high enough that makes it ready for sending bulk activities. The higher the account score is, the more valid the account is and the more emails it can send without the emails getting spammed. In order to increase your account score, you can
    • Complete your account profile information
    • Upload a photo for the account profile
    • Link a phone number and a second email address to your account
    • Exchange emails with your friends and acquaintances
    • Most importantly, try to get positive feedback from the people to whom you have sent emails (for example, they open your email, reply to it, or don't spam your email).
  2. If you use a large number of accounts (more than 50) to send emails, we recommend that you keep the email service platform from finding out that all these accounts are managed by one person; Therefore, it is better to assign a proxy to every 10 accounts so that you can change the IP used for sending bulk emails. As a result, if the email service platform gets sensitive to one of your accounts, your other accounts will not get into any trouble and will remain safe and not get spammed.
  3. We recommend that you consider different subjects and content for emails that you send in bulk because sending the same email to a large number of contacts will cause the email service platform to become sensitive to that email and the sender's accounts and therefore, quickly spam that email
  4. We recommend that you write the text of your email in an attractive way with formal but friendly tone to attract the audiences. If the recipient feels that the received email is just some unimportant advertising content, he will not pay much attention to it, and in that case, you will not be able to get a positive feedback from your advertising email campaign
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