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Tips & Tricks to Avoid Getting Blocked & Reported Telegram Bulk Sender Bot Package

Tips & Tricks to Avoid Getting Blocked & Reported

First of all, you should keep in mind that advertising through sending messages in Telegram is fundamentally different from SMS advertising. In SMS advertising, you send your advertising message to a mobile number database and if people don't like your message, they may block your number so that you can no longer send them advertising SMS and there will be no other special problem for your number. But in sending Telegram messages, if the recipient does not like your message, he can block and report your account , which will cause your account to be blocked and then by losing the accounts, you will have to create an account again .Although creating a new Telegram account does not take much effort and cost, maintaining accounts is less troublesome and more valuable than replacing them; Therefore, it is better to be careful in sending messages and pay attention to the important rules and principles that we have explained below. As a result, while maintaining the accounts, you will get more positive feedback from advertising.

While mass messaging in Telegram, the important concern is to keep the accounts safe or losing the minimum number of accounts. The most important point in this regard is to design as many targeted ads as you can in order to both receive better feedback and maintain your accounts.

Two Important Points Necessary for Advertising

First: Targeted Selection of Contacts

Regarding the targeted selection of contacts, you should keep in mind that your target contacts are those who are interested in your business field. These people, seeing your ads in their DM chat will not block you. Instead, they may welcome seeing your ads and become your customers; that is why we recommend that you send your advertising message to people whose interest is in accordance with your field of work.

For example, if your business is selling cosmetics, the best audience to target for advertising your business are women; because you are sure that this group are interested in or need your products; Therefore, it is better to send your ads only to women.

In our package, there is a bot that can extracts IDs from different Telegram groups, which is a good option for preparing a number database of your target audience.

As a result, if you have numbers or IDs that you don't have any reliable information about (you don't know their gender, their age, their work and interest, etc.), it's better that you avoid targeting them for advertising because it is very likely that the recipients of your ads hit the Block button or report you after receiving the message.

Second: Writing Targeted Ads

Regarding how to write the text of the advertising message, we recommend that you start the message with a greeting and have an intimate and friendly tone in the message. Also, work on the psychology of the text so that the audience does not feel that the target of a message is merely advertising, because in this case, he will not only detest or ignore your work, but may even block and report you.

Start the advertising content casually, sincerely and politely, consider a discount or a special offer, if possible, mention the name and surname of the audience in the message and announce from what sources you got their number, most people (especially women) consider their mobile number private and if you don't clearly mention how you got access to their number, they will block you.

Sample: Hello, I'm sorry if I am bothering you, I'm contacting you from a certain group....

The two points mentioned above are the most important points in sending advertisements and they help to significantly reduce the possibility of your accounts being blocked and reported in sending advertisement messages and to experience the most effectiveness and efficiency. However, the conditions are not always ideal and to ensure the security of the account and the success of messages delivery, it is better to be fully aware of the Telegram algorithm and act accordingly before sending a message.

Tips Related to the Telegram Algorithm (Account History and Scoring System)

According to the Telegram scoring algorithm that we described in the Telegram General Algorithm to Limit User Activities PDF file, it is expected that in the future, the higher the score (or credit) your account gains, the more messages you can send and the limits for your account will be reduced.
In Telegram, your account score depends on the following parameters:

  • The longer time passes since the creation of your account, higher score it gains.
  • Having photo and personal information in your profile.
  • Being a member of different Telegram groups and sending messages in these groups.
  • Being a member of different Telegram channels and visiting them.
  • People interacting with you; messaging you or chatting with you.
  • And the most important thing is: Sending messages to people in Telegram who will respond to you (either because of your message or because of the correct choice of contacts). The more positive feedback you receive from your contacts in this regard, the less sensitive Telegram gets about your messages, and you can send messages to more strangers daily with that account without your account being restricted or blocked or any other problems.

In summary, the older your account is and the better it interacts with other users and the more it looks like a regular Telegram user's account, the more credibility and points it will gain and the fewer restrictions will be applied to it. Most importantly, if people respond to your message, Telegram's sensitivity about your sent messages will drop, and as a result, you can use that account to send more messages to strangers per day without the problem of being limited or blocked.

Practical Tips & Tricks to Reduce Block & Report in Bulk Messaging on Telegram

According to Telegram's scoring algorithm, you can use the following tips & tricks in bulk messaging to minimize the risk of being blocked and reported.

  1. Start small We recommend that you start with a small number of messages per day when you have just started mass messaging on Telegram, because if you send many messages at the very beginning and some contacts block you, you will gain a lot of negative points, as a result of which, you will lose your account quickly. In conclusion, it is better to start cautiously and with small amounts to collect positive score for your account and make it valid enough to Telegram so that in the future and with the increase in the number of daily messages, Telegram will not get sensitive about your account and restrict or block it.
  2. Greetings First First, send a greeting message like “Hello, how are you?” to all your target contacts (the people you want to send ads to), usually people react to this type of message; for example, they say "Hello" or "Hi". However, it doesn't matter what message people give you in response, the important thing is that they answer you back and by getting the replies to your initial message, you get positive points for your account and make it valid!
  3. After Greetings, Message the Ones Who Have Answered You Back If you send your advertising message to people after they respond to your greeting in the message, they may still block you, but if you are blocked at this stage, it is because Telegram thinks that you have already had a conversation with each other and then If you are blocked, you will receive less negative points because Telegram does not know what conversation you had with each other and what was the reason for blocking; But if you get blocked in the first message, Telegram will assume that you were sending an advertising message or for any other reason you were disturbing others, and Telegram may also become sensitive to the text of your message.
  4. Create a Network of the Accounts You Have In bulk messaging, it is natural to have a large number of accounts (our bot can also use any number of accounts connected to it). Therefore, you can use the same accounts you have to validate them; For example, if you have 50 Telegram accounts, send messages to your other 49 accounts with each of these accounts and reply to this message with those accounts at different times. This is an interesting method of account validation. Of course, you should also consider other methods; such as putting a beautiful profile picture, choosing a Telegram ID, completing the bio, etc.
  5. Cover your Track If you use a large number of accounts (more than 20) to send messages, we recommend that you make sure that Telegram does not realize all these accounts are managed by one person; For example
    • Do not send the same advertising message by all these accounts, but change your advertising message somewhat, prepare several advertising message types and send different messages to your target audience.
    • If you plan to use virtual numbers for bulk sending, don't just get mobile numbers from one specific country, but instead have virtual numbers from different countries.
    • If you are going to buy SIMs for bulk messaging, don't just buy these SIMs from one particular operator, but buy SIMs from different operators.
    • It does not matter if the Telegram profile of your numbers (virtual or real) that you prepared for sending are the same, but you must consider different names and IDs for these accounts.
    • Assign a proxy to every 5 SIMs (Telegram accounts) so that you can use them to change the IP used by the SIMs. Using this trick, Telegram will not get sensitive about your other accounts due to the similarity of the specifications (message text, I, etc.) and your other accounts will remain safe.
  6. Validate Your Accounts Before Bulk Messaging Before you use your SIMs to send mass messages, make sure to spend 1 week to gain points and validate the newly-created Telegram accounts and make sure that the score of your accounts is high enough to make the accounts ready for mass messaging. We have also provided detailed explanation about how to validate newly-established accounts in Telegram in the Telegram Limits on the Number of Messages to Send per Day PDF file .
  7. Do Normal Activities with the Account Generally, the goal is for Telegram to assume that it is dealing with a real person who is using Telegram for normal and personal activities. In addition to the tricks and solutions that we have taught you in this tutorial file, you can also do anything that will make your account look normal and natural to Telegram and not appear to be particular for advertising; For example, activate the SIM in an Android phone or Android emulator that has contacts and send messages to several of them, join different groups and channels, chat with different people, and in general, do whatever else that you normally do with your accounts to improve their score and validity.

Strange Sensitivities of Telegram! That may cause your accounts to be blocked immediately

  1. Never open all your accounts at the same time in one system (don't open more than 5 accounts at the same time). If you open an account and chat (or even if you don't chat), you need to quit this account before opening the next one, (to quit a Telegram account, you can right-click on the Telegram profile next to the clock icon and press Quit) and then open the next account (Note that if you use the bot, it will automatically open the next account after the current account is closed, as a result the whole process of account switch is automated).
  2. Do not use public proxies. The less famous these proxies are, the better.
  3. By the time of writing this article, you can send messages to 50 strangers per day with each Telegram account. Do not exceed this number, and as we said, start with a small number and increase the number gradually
  4. In mass messaging, it is better not to send the message directly to random people, but to send it only to your target audience. To do so, you can use bots that forward the message (in mass messaging, bots that send messages directly may cause problems for you. Telegram is much less sensitive about forwarding messages, because forwarding messages is considered a normal and everyday task).
  5. Do not send long texts, photos or videos directly, but put them in telegraph (in the training section we have included a tutorial video for using Telegram) and keep the main text of the message short and stylish (with emojis).
  6. As much as possible, don't insert your channel address or ID directly in the text of the messages (insert the channel address indirectly using the telegraph technique, the tutorial video of which is available in our package).

A note on how to stop the bot while working If you want to temporarily stop the bot, you can press the F2 key on the keyboard and press the same key again to resume the work. You can also use the F3 key to stop completely.

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