Rules for Offering Update & Support Services for Virtual User Products

Rules for Offering Update & Support Services for Virtual User Products

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To clarify what we can or cannot do for you, we have considered a number of rules for offering updates and support services. Here is a full description of each of these rules, but not all of them might apply to different products. It means that when buying a product, only 2 or 3 of the following rules might be part of the purchase conditions and the rest might not be among the conditions. Therefore, when buying a product, please pay attention to the support conditions of that product.

About Telephone Support

We have mentioned in the support rules of some products that
Product support is only offered through Online chat or ticketing and it does not include telephone support.
The Reason
We put all products on the website after they are successfully tested and executed. Now, if a product does not run properly on your system, it is usually due to the the way it is run or configured or because of the condition of your system. To find the problem, phone call will not help and we need to observe the condition and steps of configuring and executing the software as image or video. Only then we can guide you properly and take action to resolve the issue. During the years we have been offering support services, no technical support has progressed correctly by phone calls, and only the time of both parties has been wasted and eventually the desired result has not been achieved. Therefore, please do not request telephone support.

About Training Support

We have mentioned in the support rules of some products that
Training is not part of the support ...
The Reason
Due to the high number of our clients, it is not possible to offer step-by-step training to each of them, so we have included full video tutorials on how to use the product in all full packages (purchased package), which you an access in the “Tutorials” folder inside the package. By watching and following the steps of the videos, you can easily install the software and use all its features. In addition to the video tutorials, in each of the bot folders, there is a PDF instruction that offers full descriptions and extra tips related to the contents of that folder. However, as we said, if you have questions or need help in the Initial steps of the product setup, we will always be there for you. Do not worry about it.

About Remote Support

We have mentioned in the support rules of some products that
Remote connection to your system (if requested by you) charges you extra fee…
The Reason
In addition to the constant disconnection problems and slow speed of the remote connection, a very big problem of remote connection is that, the image of your system is not transferred as fast as the bot runs and this causes some scenes of the bot execution to be lost and in many cases, it is impossible to diagnose the problem. That's why over the years of offering support services to you dear customers, most of the support services that were supposed to proceed faster through the remote connection became a very time-consuming and torturous task for both parties, which took a lot of energy for just a minor support. For this reason, at present, we only connect remotely to systems that our experts detect it is necessary, otherwise remote connection that you request and insist on will charge you extra fee, depending on the duration of remote connection (per minute).

About support If Update Is Required

We have mentioned in the support rules of some products that
In case of software problems and need for update, you need to wait patiently
The Reason
As you know, our robotic software is designed on a target platform (for example, Instagram bot is designed based on the current appearance and functionality of Instagram on that date). It is obvious that our software will continue to work without any problems as long as the target platform stays with the same appearance and functions, but if for any reason the target platform changes in its next updates that will overshadow the functionality of our software, we will update and release our software in accordance with the new changes in the shortest possible time. Note that sometimes these modifications may take more than a few days, or sometimes the target platform may face internal issues whose modification is beyond our control. Meanwhile, your patience will cause our technical team to be more focused on fixing the issues and will eventually increase the speed and accuracy of the outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to learn and setup products?
While going through the instructions, do each step in practice. Without practical work, training will be of no use. Try and make mistakes. Test different modes in small number. For example, for bulk messaging, send a message to a few of your mutual contacts before starting it in bulk, and in the meantime test a few different setting models. When arranging Excel files, carefully read the special tutorial in the folder and the descriptions inserted at the top of each column of the Excel file. At the top of the columns, there is a sample of the correct setting.
How should I apply for your support services to get results as soon as possible?
If you encounter an error, first send us a photo of the received error, and if, according to experts, there is a need for a video, record a video of your screen based on the following rules.
The correct way of screen recording
Download a video recording program (or Screen Recorder) such as Bandicam or .... and install it on your system. Then screen record from the beginning; which means you need to film from where you set the bot to where the bot encounters the error. Make sure that you open all the Excel files related to the bot before running the bot and show the settings inside the Excel files in the video.
If you did not encounter an error but things did not go as you expected, send us a video.
In general, since we put all the products on the site after they are tested and executed successfully, if a product does not work properly in your system, only seeing how it is executed, set up and the conditions in your system can help us solve your problem. Therefore, other ways such as calling, sending voice messages or remote connections, not only does not help to solve the problem, but will only be a waste of time for both parties.

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