Trial version of the Auto Installer Bot Maker

Full description of the package can be found here .

Filename Size Action 76MB Download


  • Windows (7 to 10 ,Server 2003-2016)
  • Note 1: If you have more than one monitor, only one of them should be Enabled.
Trial Version

Learn how to download and use

1: Download the package file using a download manager program, such as Internet Download Manager, so that the file might not be downloaded incompletely.
2: After downloading, extract the downloaded file in these 3 steps:
  • Double click on the downloaded file (on your own system)
  • An internal file will be shown to you, double click on it as well.
  • Extracting window will open (see the picture below). On this window, click on “Browse” and choose a path (such as Desktop). Finally, press the Extract button, so that the package content will be extracted and copied on the path you have selected. extract file
3: to learn how to install and use it, open the folder you have extracted and study the PDF file “How to Use the Package”. pdf file