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Google Maps Data Scraper Bot

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Scrap Data from Google Maps bot is one of the most useful bots that exist in the Virtual-User “Web Scraping” bot package. This bot searches your intended keyword in Google Maps and automatically extracts the information such as an address, phone number, website address, etc. from the places registered in Google Maps and offers them to you in an Excel file.

If you want to know what this bot is used for and how it works, follow us in this article…

What are the benefits of the Scrap Data from Google Maps bot?

The Google Maps website and app is one of the most useful navigation features that Google has provided to its users, but did you know that the Google Maps is also a valuable source of useful information?

Suppose that, you are the sales manager of a hardware company and you want to send your product marketers to visit all the hardware stores in a city to sell your products. If you do not already have the exact address and details of all the hardware stores in that city, it will be a very time-consuming and non-efficient activity because you may not find the addresses and details of many hardware stores at all and do not visit them!

So what is the solution? Is there a way to find the address of all the hardware stores in the city?

Yes! You can open Google Maps, select your desired location (for example, city), enable the “Nearby” option, and then enter the keyword "hardware store". Google Maps would find all the hardware stores in that city on the map and list them along with other information about these hardware stores (such as phone number, address, and website address).

Now, all you have to do is register the address of each of these hardware stores elsewhere and visit them in person.

But is it easy to extract the addresses of all these places manually?

Extracting and listing this huge number of URLs that Google Maps shows you in its search results, is a time-consuming task. This is where you need an automated tool that can automate the process!

In fact, for collecting the addresses of the places you want, you need a tool that automatically opens Google Maps, selects your intended area, searches for your keyword (the place where you want to find the address and other information) in Google Maps, records and stores the information in Google Maps search results elsewhere (for example, an Excel file) for you in a categorized way.

The Scrap Data from the Google Map bot that we introduced to you at the beginning of this article can automatically go through all these steps for you. This useful bot can search for the places you want (for example, coffee shops or restaurants) in your desired area (for example, the city you choose) and then extract all the available samples for you and record its information in different categories including names, telephone numbers, digital address (an address containing the numbers and letters that you will find desired place directly by searching it).

If you have marketing and advertising purposes, this information will be very useful and comprehensive for you, and if you want to do this without our bot, you must manually search for each of your desired locations and manually record the information elsewhere. But this is a very difficult task!

How does the Scrap Data from Google Maps bot work?

In this article, we are not going to teach you how to use the bot, we just want to introduce it. When you buy this bot package, a complete tutorial PDF file comes with the bot executable files that will teach you exactly how to use this bot.

But in general, using this bot would be easy, you just need to open the Excel file of the bot settings and specify two items:

1. The link of your desired area; Meaning that, first enter the Google Maps website and search for the area you want (city, state, or ...) in Google Maps. Once you get sure that your intended area in Google Maps is correctly specified (surrounded by a red line), copy the link and enter it into the bot setting Excel file.

Scrape Data from Google Maps Bot

2. Keywords of the places you want to search (for example hotel, home appliance store, restaurant, etc.).

Scrape Data from Google Maps Bot

Then run the bot.
The bot automatically opens your browser and enters the Google Maps website and finds the area you want in Google Maps through the link you provided, and then enters the keyword of your intended place in the search field.

Google Maps finds all the locations you want in that area and shows them to you in a column.

Now the bot starts from the first option in the search results and enters all the available information in the Excel file and then goes to the second option of the search results. The bot repeats this process as many times as you want (you enter this number in the bot settings before the bot runs).

Finally, when the execution is completely done, you will have an excel file of the information about your desired locations in an area, which you can use for various purposes.

How can I get the Scrape Data from Google Maps bot?

The Scrap Date from Google Maps bot is part of the Web Scraping bot package, which includes several other bots such as the scrap mobile number from, the scrap Gifs from, and the scrap Photos from bot. You can buy and download this valuable and practical package from the Products section on our website, you can also get a free trial version of our bots from this section.

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