Website Email Extractor Bot

Website Email Extractor Bot

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The “Extract Email from Websites” bot is one of the most widely used bots that exist in the “Web Scraping Bot” package. This bot can automatically enter your intended websites and extract the email address in the Contact Us section of those websites and save them in an Excel file and provide them to you.

In the following, we will review the usage of this bot and describe how it works. Follow us in this article...

What is the Extract Email from Websites bot used for?

You may need to connect to different websites for several reasons (for example, for marketing your products and services or to submit a request for cooperation). These days, the most common and formal method of communicating with websites is to send emails. To do this, you must have access to the contact email address of the websites.

To find the contact email address of the websites, you have to refer to each of those websites, and look for the Contact Us page, and if the email address exists in this field, copy and save it elsewhere.

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Obviously, if you want to get the email addresses from a large number of websites, going through these steps for each of these websites is so time-consuming and tedious that it will be practically impossible to do it manually! Here is where you need to have a tool that can go through these steps automatically to extract emails from your desired websites.

The “Extract Email from Websites” bot that we introduced to you at the beginning of this article, will do this for you completely automatically; Meaning that, it enters all the websites you want, finds the Contact Us section, and if the email address is registered in this section of the website, the bot saves it in the form of an Excel file and will provide you with a complete list of the website admins’ email addresses with a high success rate.

How does the Extract Email Address bot work?

In this part of the article, we are not going to fully explain how to use the bot, because if you buy this bot, along with the bot executable files, there is also a tutorial PDF in which you can fully and visually learn how to use the bot. But what you need to know about how these bots work is that they are really easy to use! All you have to do is to provide the bot with a list of the website URLs whose email addresses you want to find in an Excel file and launch the bot.

You can use the “Collect Links from Google” bot to provide a list of the websites related to your field of business.
This bot can automatically search for your desired phrase in Google and save as many links of the websites that appear in the Google search as you want in an Excel file and provide it to you.
You can use this list to feed the “Extract Email Address from Websites” bot.

The bot would automatically open your browser and start from the first website in the Excel list. The bot enters the first website, finds the "Contact Us" page of the website, and opens it. If there is an email address on this page, it will extract it and save it in an Excel file.

The bot then goes to the second website on the list. It repeats the same process for each of the websites that exist in the list; Meaning that, it saves the email included in these websites in an Excel file and provides you with this file. You can finally connect with websites admins by accessing these email addresses.

How can I get the Extract Email Address from Websites bot?

The “Extract Email Address from Websites” bot is one of the bots that exist in the Web Scraping bot package which is a product of the Virtual User and to prepare it, you should buy the whole package. This package includes several bots in this field, and by preparing this package, you can benefit from the other bots that exist in this package for growing and developing your business.

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