How to clear the cache created in the Google Chrome browser?

How to clear the cache created in the Google Chrome browser?

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A Cache is a set of files stored in your system when you visit different pages of websites by the browser so that these files would not be downloaded again when you visit the same pages multiple times. Obviously, these files take up some space on your hard drive, but this technology makes the reloading speed of the site’s pages in your system much faster; In short, the browser cache helps the pages that you have already opened to be opened faster next time.

Maybe the space that your browser cache creates on your personal system is not that much to force you to delete it, but if you use our profiling bots (such as our WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender bot or our Send Bulk Instagram DM bot) and have multiple profiles (accounts) introduced to the bot (especially in virtual servers that have limited hard drives) after a while, due to browsing different pages, a lot of space on your system hard will be occupied for caching and you will need to clear the browser cache (which is created separately for each account) to free up your system space.

Altogether, you can delete the space occupied by the Chrome browsing cache according to the steps described below...

How to Clear the Google Chrome Browser Cache

To clear the Chrome browser cache, just follow these steps:

Step 1
If you want to clear the cache information of an account that you have introduced to the bot, you must open the desired account with the bot and temporarily pause the bot running so that the Chrome browser remains open (However, as you know, this method is for normal cases and when you want to clear the Chrome browser cache, and you just need to open your Chrome browser first).

Step 2
Press Ctrl+Shift+Del keys at the same time.

Step 3
In the window that opens, check the Browsing history and Cached images & files options. Finally, press the clear data button to clear the caches and free up the space occupied by the cache. Just this!
How to clear the cache created in the Google Chrome browser?

Be careful not to activate the Cookies & other site data option because activating this option will erase all login information (username and passwords stored in the browser) and your account profile will be lost.

Note that for profiling bots, you must go through all the above-mentioned steps for each account that you have introduced to your bot and do the same on the Chrome browser related to that account, to clear the space cached by Chrome due to the activity of the bot with each of your accounts.

Instead of using the shortcut key that we explained in step 2, you can enter the setting page from the three dots button on the upper right side of the Chrome browser, then the Privacy & Security section and click the Clear browsing data option.

You have learned how to clear the cache of the Google Chrome browser on your system. We hope that you will find this tutorial article helpful. We are looking forward to your feedback,questions and suggestions in the Comment section of this webpage.

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