How to Update the Bots

How to Update the Bots

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As you know, our bot packages are designed to work on a target platform; For example, the Increase Instagram Followers bot package works on the Instagram and the WhatsApp Bulk Messaging bot package works on WhatsApp. Obviously, as long as the target platform continues to work with the same appearance and performance, our software will continue to work without problems. But if for any reason, the target platform undergoes changes in its next updates that affect the performance of our software; our software will also need a series of updates and changes to adapt to the new appearance of the target platform, and we will update our software according to the new changes as fast as possible and provide it to you; Therefore, after the robotic software is updated and placed on the website, you must update the bot so that the bot can work properly and does not encounter errors during execution.

In this article, we will discuss how you can receive these updates and update your bot.

How to Know if Your Bot Needs to Be Updated

After we provide an update for each of the bots, if you run the old bot on your system, you will automatically see a message similar to the image below:


This message informs you that an update has been provided for the bot and you must download and install it from the website.

How to Get the Bot Update

To get the new version of the bot, just go to the vUser website and enter your user panel (by entering your username and password). Then, from the right menu of the user panel, click on "Download Purchased Products".

On this page, you always have access to the latest version of the packages you have purchased and you can easily download them.

How to Replace the Updated Version with the Old Version

There are different ways to update the old package that you have on your system.

The First Method to Replace the Updated Version with the Old Version (Recommended Method)

The first and easiest thing is to put the new bot package (that you downloaded) in a separate folder from the previous bot folder and use it without the need to reactivate the serial number.
The only drawback of this method is that your previous settings are not applied in the new package; Therefore, you either have to re-apply the settings yourself or bring the settings files from the previous folders to the new folder.
However, for account-oriented bot packages (such as the Bulk Instagram DM Sender), you either have to re-introduce your accounts to the bot or transfer the account folder from the old package to the new package.

If you want to update your bot package and at the same time keep the accounts and settings of your bot, just use the new package in a separate folder, but copy the content of the Excel files in the previous package to the Excel files in the new package. In this way, all the settings you have planned for your bot will be preserved and not lost.

To save the accounts, just copy the accounts folder from the old package to the new package.
In this way, you can easily update your bot (keeping the accounts and settings you had in the old bot).
However, for 1%, and for any reason, after updating the bot in this way, the bot may no longer recognize your accounts. If such a situation occurs, you should use the second method to update your bot, which you will learn in the following.

The Second Method to Replace the Updated Version with the Old Version

If you updated your bot in the first way, but the bot did not recognize your accounts; Just do this to update the bot:
Delete all the content of the old package (except for the Excel files and the accounts folder) and copy the content of the new package to the old package and choose “No” when asked if you want to replace the files. We intend to keep the old accounts and settings!)
You can easily update your software bot package by keeping your accounts and settings.
If you need help to update your bot package using this trick, you can send a message to the vUser support for more information so that our support team will provide you with the necessary guidance and help you update the bot package.

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