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Prerequisites and Procedures of Bulk Instagram DM Golden Support

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After you submit an order for the golden support service of bulk Instagram DM, it is necessary that you provide some perquisites so that we can provide you with the service.

Necessary Preparations from Your Side

  • Buy a Suitable VPS

    In the first step, it is necessary that you prepare a VPS and give us access to it. You can prepare a VPS yourself (after consulting with us for the necessary VPS specifications) or ask us to buy the required VPS for you and you pay for it.
    Minimum VPS specifications required for this work:
    • RAM: 6
    • CPU: 4-core
    • SSD: 150 GB
    • The internet connection from countries other than Russia or China
  • Create a Number of Instagram Accounts

    In the second step, you will need to create a number of Instagram accounts and give us access to them. The number of accounts you need depends on the number of DMs you want to send on a daily basis. For example, under normal condition and without the accounts being restricted, you will need about 300 Instagram accounts to send 1000 DMs per day.
    You can buy Instagram accounts from our website or from any other source that is approved by us and has the required quality. However, we recommend that you get the accounts from our website because all our accounts are manually created by a human user and their quality is approved by us. Note that sending bulk Instagram DMs using low-quality and cheap accounts increases the risk of accounts being restricted or banned and, in this case, you will have to provide or create new accounts to keep working, and you will incur more costs.
  • Provide High-Quality Proxies

    In the next step, you will need to prepare a number of proxies. The number of required proxies depends on the number of accounts you use to send DMs on Instagram. In general, we recommend that for every 3 accounts, you buy one proxy; However, you can also buy a smaller number of proxies, for example, one proxy can be used for every 5 accounts.
    The quality of proxies is effective in keeping your accounts safe and not being banned; Therefore, it is better that you avoid low-quality and cheap proxies because they increase the risk of accounts getting banned and limited, and in this case, you will have to create new accounts to keep sending DMs, which will incur more costs. You can also ask us to purchase proxies for you and you pay for the fees.
  • Prepare the Message Content

    The message you want to send on Instagram can be a text message or an Instagram post. Repeatedly sending the same message to a large number of people is not very safe because it increases Instagram's sensitivity to that message and the sender's account; Therefore, if you intend to send text DMs, you should provide us with 3 or 4 different models of the message. Also, if you want to use a link or username in your message, you must provide us with an Instagram post in which the desired link and username can be embedded. Instagram is sensitive to sending a similar message repeatedly even if it is a forwarded post, so it is best if you provide us with several posts to be shared.
  • Select Target Contacts

    For the target audience, you can provide us with a list of the usernames of the contacts to whom you want to send DMs, or give us the username of several target pages so that we can send the DMs to the followers of these pages (This means that the username of these pages followers must be extracted first, which will cost you a small additional amount). Before you choose the target pages, we recommend that you consult with us.

Our Work Routine

According to our many years of experience in sending bulk ads on Instagram, we follow a special procedure in sending DMs, which has the highest advertising efficiency and the lowest cost.
Things we follow in our work:

  • Validate accounts

    In the first step, we try to validate the accounts that are going to be used for sending DMs through different methods.
  • We start sending with a small number and gradually increase

    At the beginning of our work, we send a small number of posts with each account, and gradually, we increase the number of messages sent in a day.
  • We may use the "greeting" message technique

    We usually send a "greeting" message first, and within two or three days, we will send the main message (that includes your ads) to whoever that responds to this "greeting" message. Through this method, we make sure that your message will be sent to active people on Instagram.
  • Work reports will usually be sent weekly

  • Usually, we do not send DMs 2 days a week so that the accounts have a rest

  • We use several message models

The above steps are not the same for all types of advertisements and we may do all, some or none of the above methods for some advertisements.

To purchase and obtain comprehensive information about Golden Support for Sending Bulk Instagram DMs, you can refer to the main page of its description.

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