RPA Implementation in Pars Labratories

RPA Implementation in Pars Labratories

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Our RPA experts have automated all the processes of receiving the results of the tests. From now on, the customers just need to put their document to the QR reader, and then the Robots kick in and check the specified criteria; if the payments are made, the result of the tests will be sent to the customer.

As the population of cities increases, the need for medical services grows in proportion. One of these services is the tests that are performed in the laboratories. These tests help the medical staff to diagnose and treat the patients.

Most of the laboratories are facing the problem of managing crowds of people that seek their services. If they face this issue with traditional methods, the queues start to form, and each person is going to have to wait for 10 to 15 minutes.

If a laboratory cares about this issue, it may try to use the more advanced queue management systems and methods that aim to reduce the wait time and optimize the queues. But these systems will only get them so far. The operators still need to fill different forms in different applications, get the doctor’s approval, and then print the results of the tests. This is time-consuming and error-prone.

what is the solution?

We recommend the use of Software Robots, which are designed for these types of work. They can perform all the software tasks, very fast, and with no mistakes.

Our team of RPA specialists was able to fully automate the process of going to the laboratory and getting the results of the test in Pars Laboratories. This is how the system works: when the customers come in, they have a receipt with a unique barcode on it. The customers place the barcode on the reader that is installed on the counter, and by doing that, RPA robots will read the barcode information, search the database, and if the payments have been made, retrieve the results. The whole process takes less than two minutes, and the operator doesn’t need to do anything.

By implementing RPA robots, there will be no queues, and the results of the test will be delivered with total precision.

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