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Many organizations decide to increase the number of their personnel to increase their sales. This does seem to be a rational choice. When you have one seller, and you’re selling 1 unit, if you have ten sellers, you must be able to sell ten units.

But what is the purpose of doing this?

The primary purpose of each organization is to increase its profits. And when an organization is doing something that is leading to more profits, it decides to keep doing the same process. It increases its ten sellers to 20 and then 30 sellers. And the profits do seem to increase.

But what is the problem?

The problem happens when other parts of the organization don’t keep up with the sales team. As the sales increase, there will be a lot more data to be recorded, and the workload of the accounting and financial teams will hugely increase.

This is the situation that happened in Tose-e Dehandegan Publishing Group, where they had increased their sales through strong sales and marketing teams, but their accounting became very slow. Their workflow was like this: the sales and marketing team advertised the products and services of the organization, and if those led to successful sales, they would send the products to the customers. The details of this transaction would be delivered to the accounting team in Excel files. The details would include the name of the marketer, time of the delivery, name of the customer, name of the distributor, and other information like this.

The accounting team that consisted of three members had to insert the information one by one, in the accounting application. The amount of the data that needed to be inserted in the accounting application was more than the team could handle, even with overtime. And on the other hand, it seemed unnecessary to hire more personnel just to enter some data into an application.

It was at this moment that they found us. Our team of RPA specialists analyzed the processes of the organization, and after identifying all the details and challenges of the transactions, developed a process that completely automated the transfer of the information from Excel files to the accounting application.

Describing the RPA process of Tose-e Dehandegan Publishing Group

We’ve trained software Robots to retrieve the information of the excel files and insert them in the accounting software. In this process, team members don’t need to do anything. Once the Robots start to run, they will open the excel files and then extract their information. Then, they will open the accounting software, and insert all the variables (marketer name, product name, price and the amount of the product, time of sale, time of delivery, name of the client, the address of the receiver, the name of the distributor and …) in appropriate fields. When the job is done, a report will be printed, and a copy will be sent to the manager.

Benefits of the Projects for the organization

By implementing RPA robots, and by automating the process of transferring data from the excel file to the software application, the workload of the accounting team has been hugely decreased. On the other hand, the duration of this process reduced from days to a couple of hours. Now there is no need for the accounting team be consisted of three members, and while the Robots are working, one person can do all the other tasks. The organization can freely increase the members of the sales and marketing team, and no longer be worried about the increased workload of the accounting team.

Data Entry is a repetitive process, and when it’s done by humans, it becomes tedious and error-prone. However, when Robots do this process, there will be no errors, and the process becomes much faster.

This project had a lot of financial benefits, and also, it sped up the workflow of the organization. After using the Robots to do repetitive and time-consuming actions, a lot of the accounting operations of the organization are performed automatically and without errors. Financial information is inserted in the least amount of time, and the productivity of the organization has been greatly increased.

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