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750,000 job openings on the X platform

It has been a while since the introduction of the new X platform (formerly Twitter) feature called XJob search. XJob search is a new tool that helps users find job opportunities related to their skills and interests. This feature uses artificial intelligence to collect and analyze job openings from various sources, including job boards, social media, and companies. The X development team has claimed in a post that more than 750,000 job openings have been registered on it to find employees only six months after the launch of this new feature.

How to use the XJob search feature

To use the XJob search feature, users must first create a job profile on Twitter. In this profile, users can enter their skills, interests, and work experience and then use filters such as job title, geographic location, work experience, and abilities to search for relevant job openings.

Verified Organizations package

X first launched the XJob search feature in business profiles in August. It has offered its users the Verification for Organizations package, which costs $1,000 per month. Of course, users can benefit from this package with more limited features by paying $200 per month. However, ordinary users have not been very receptive to Verification for Organizations, although X has given this package to many of its top advertising partners to interest more people in it. According to reports, it has been largely successful because the initial partners have been sufficiently encouraged to use this package, so hundreds of thousands of open job openings are now available for search on X.

Reason for the popularity of the XJob search feature

It should not be surprising that many users have become interested in the new X feature. Many people were in contact with each other through this platform for work-related issues, and the XJob search feature has given this issue a more formal form. But what is essential is to see how successful hiring is on X and whether candidates found through X are better or worse than those hired through other programs for similar job openings.


In this news, we introduced the XJob search feature. This feature is still under development, but it has the potential to help users find suitable job opportunities and can help them spend less time searching and finding the job openings they are looking for.

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